The Mike Church Show Episode 384: First Amazon Came For Your Quisp Cereal And You Did Nothing

Written by on 06/20/2017

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Mandeville, LA – First Amazon Came For Your Quisp Cereal And You Did Nothing – I told you that the story of Amazon buying Whole Foods was a HUGE warning sign to those who remain conscious of the totalatarian creep we are surrounded and now controlled by. Consider for just a moment that a mere 20 years ago if someone asked you where you might shop for breakfast cereal Quisp AND the bowl and spoon to eat it from, you might have named a super market and a housewares store like Sears. Today, you just say one word: Amazon. Joel Kotkin, a writer whom I rarely am in agreement with, sees this one clearly and spot on in Amazon Eats Up Whole Foods As The New Masters Of The Universe Plunder ‘Muricah. “Rather than being parts of a geography or even a country, the increasingly socially isolated masses can be part of Zuckerberg’s “global community” while ordering food from Amazon, delivered by a drone from an automated warehouse, employing social media and virtual reality to fill their long periods of idleness.” Read the whole thing and then my post yeaterday from Veritas et Sapientia ala Wilhelm Roepke.

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