The Mike Church Show Episode 401: Artful Advice: Contemplation Before Action, “Conservatives”!

Written by on 07/20/2017

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Mandeville, LA – Artful Advice: Contemplation Before Action, “Conservatives”! – On every Mike Church Show I try and find at least one news or culture item that promotes or is illustrative of The Good, true and The Beautiful. Author Gregory Wolfe reminds us to do the same or else risk the mantle of “conservative” itself. “While [our current cultural] state of affairs is distressing, it also implies that opportunities abound for conservatives—if they are willing to make the necessary investment of heart and mind. They cannot continue to trim the upper branches of politics while the roots of culture wither and die from inattention. Conservatives, above all, must once again put contemplation before action, or else their energies will be wasted.” [emphasis mine, M.C.]

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