The Mike Church Show Episode 419: The Aztecs Had Nothing On Iceland’s Baby-Killers

Written by on 08/16/2017

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Mandeville, LA – What kind of society “lives” to choose who else gets to live!? – CBS News wants to know if the rest of the “civilized world” should follow Tenochtitlan imitators in Iceland (live baby sacrifices) and murder ALL the PLANET’S soon to be born babies “diagnosed” with Down’s. Seriously folks, if Hitler did this we’d have 300 big-budget films featuring it’s unbelievable evil. This story isn’t trending anywhere but an 18-ton piece of “vandalized” bronze is (someone vandalized the Lincoln “memorial” statue). Note the question asked at the bottom of the Twitter promotion of this story:









REALLY!? What kind of society “lives” to choose who else gets to live!? Cue the asteroid, humanity earned the flood, and we’re earning an astronomical corrective. Oremus for the Down Syndrome children and their families.

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