The Mike Church Show Episode 429: Evangelical Doctrine Catholics Are Afraid To Publish & Defend. Whoa

Written by on 08/30/2017

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Mandeville, LA – Evangelicals Publish Statement Of Catholic Doctrine Catholics Are Afraid To Publish & Defend – A group of well-known Evangelical Protestant pastors and group leaders (think Focus on the Family) have issued what they call The Nashville Statement, named for the location of their convention. The statement reads like catholic catechism for its attempt to bring clarity to issues of sexual orientation, the natural creation of sex, the concept of sin and pre-marital sex and more. It’s a powerful statement but it lacks those dogmatic attachments that would give it Authority. That’s an all-important point, but doesn’t diminish the gravitas of the effort and the opportunity it could provide for solidarity, dare I say conversions because the font of the Statement IS the Church and Her 2,000 year teaching. The key terms that are missing: marital act, adultery, contraception and last but not least mortal sin (more on that on the show). Meanwhile the reaction to the statement from the usual pervert pimps is so predictable it almost reads like a joke. e.g.

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