The Mike Church Show Episode 432: Please Leave the Pollination to the “Birds and the Bees,” OK??….

Written by on 09/06/2017

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Mandeville, LA –

The Folly of “Marriage” As Anything Other Than A Sacrament, Exhibit 7,084,925 – Read this and witness a pair of well-meaning, non-Catholic Christians, argue over the best way to treat of “gay marriage” and “gay people” and still be Christian. The obvious answer is also the one most avoided: return to The Church, practice the moral teaching on marriage as it has been defined for 2 millennia and pray for those waging all the extemporaneous battles over what remains a settled piece of dogma.

Aaron Rodgers’ “No Affiliation” Cowardice, A Real Man Defends His Lord Against All Enemies – The sports-world was abuzz for a few days last week when the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers revealed that he has “no affiliation” to a Christian “denomination” . Here we go again, do it yourself, rainforest salvation for dummies! Rodgers waxes on about Christianity’s “narrow-minded views of the world and his place in it” a cop out of Biblical proportions if there ever was one. The entire, beautiful point of Christianity is its narrow-minded focus on eternity; on using the short amount of time God grants us in this miserable life to achieve a return to Him i.e. a blessed eternity. There is a passage in the Mass, right before the Centurion’s oath (domine non sum dignus…) where the priest asks “What return shall I render unto the Lord for all He has given me? I will take the Chalice of salvation, and I will call upon the name of the Lord. Praising I will call upon the Lord, and I shall be saved from my enemies.” For all he has been blessed with, pray Aaron Rodgers takes that chalice.

Seeing Red Over The Red Cross? Smaller Is Still More Beautiful – People are quick to turn to the ARC (American Red Cross) and throw money at it to rest assured they’ve donated “to charity” for an event like Hurricane Harvey. This is spiritually misguided AND ineffective as this essay points out: Size matters in disaster response. “Personal generosity is a laudable quality, but giving to a large organized charity is just plain foolish. At best, three-quarters of your donation will be gobbled up by the administration of the charity. If you genuinely wish to be of value to others, your generosity would be more effective on a local level, where you give directly to those who will benefit from it, and you’re more certain of the outcome. The larger the charity organization, the greater the certainty that much, if not all, of your donation will fail to reach those you hoped would benefit.” Then there is the ARC’s horrid track record of spectacular disaster aid failures, detailed by an AP reporter who has chronicled them since 2004 and tells Harvey’s helpers why he “won’t be giving to the ARC”. Scale, folks, its all about scale.

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