The Mike Church Show Episode 438: Unrelenting Smokey and the Deplorable Bandit

Written by on 09/14/2017

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Mandeville, LA – East Bound And Down Loaded Up But Not Truckin’ – The Federal monstrosity that isn’t federal anymore has been quietly inventing new and more better ways to control the men who you see “East Bound and Down” through regulations and creepy Big Brother monitoring. Matthew Garnett informs us Every minute of every day is monitored by Uncle Sam, who takes care that I can never make a decision for myself based on my circumstances. Because let’s face it, I just can’t take on that kind of responsibility. There’s no way I can decide for myself when I’m going to sleep or rest or drive. After all, I’m just a stupid truck driver. What would I know about such things?” With new iPhone facial recognition, “find my phone” technology with pinpoint accuracy, how long before regulators dream of managing the rest of our affairs for “our safety”?

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