The Mike Church Show Episode 450: Las Vegas’ Killer: Dancing With The Devil Produces Demonic Results

Written by on 10/03/2017

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Mandeville, LA – Las Vegas Shooter Was The Archetype Materialist Modernity Creates, Are There More? You Betcha… – Read my response to my old radio pal John Zeigler who I briefly worked at in Raleigh, NC in 1996-1997. Zeigler’s take is that Paddock didn’t believe in an afterlife:

“It is then fairly safe to conclude that Paddock did not believe in an afterlife and that this freed him up, so to speak, to end his life in whatever way he desired, knowing that he would never suffer any real consequences.”

This is entirely consistent with the reigning “opinion” of a majority of ‘Muricans, right down to Zeigler’s heartfelt admission that he is an “agnostic” with “grave concerns” over the existence of an afterlife. This is the exact point my guests and I have been making the last 4 years: existence for the purpose of consuming material goods is what animals do, Man was made with an intellect and a soul that endures after material consumption, thus the Paddochian way of life is anathema to God’s plan and the natural, Created order.

Stephen Haddock Attempted To Live Like A Hugh Hefneresque Playboy, Still Think Porn Doesn’t “Hurt Anyone”? – Read the WaPo’s lengthy bio of Stephen Paddock and you’ll discover a portrait of a jet-setting playboy with a lust for high stakes gambling, world travel and seclusion inside his version of the “Playboy Mansion”, demonstrating the rejection of community the Marxist lives his life by.

Diane McKay lived next door to Paddock and Danley at their Reno home until July, when McKay moved away. Danley wasn’t forthcoming about her life, and Paddock was unfriendly, McKay recalled. She only saw him in the mornings, when he went to the clubhouse to work out. “He was weird. Kept to himself,” said McKay, 79. “It was like living next to nothing. . . . You can at least be grumpy, something. He was just nothing, quiet.” The couple kept their blinds closed, but sometimes Paddock would open the garage door, revealing an enormous safe the size of a refrigerator.

So the practitioner of Marx’s materialistic, there is no God existence is only seen when vanity calls him to the gym. Read the whole story to see how sad a life lived in the “care” of Mammon ultimately wields the same hatred of humanity that has driven the demons since The Fall.

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