The Mike Church Show Episode 458: The Burning Pits of Never Ending Heath Hell

Written by on 10/16/2017

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Mandeville, LA –War, War, War! Requires Burn, Burn, Burn And That Makes Soldiers Victims – I wonder if “ambassador” John Bolton or chicken hawk war promoting scoundrels Sean Hannity and Mark Levin will hold some “celebrity benefit concerts” for the men like Brain Alvarado, a former Marine, now reduced to a flesh covered version of the cartoon character Skeletor. Alvarado’s disease was most likely caused by long-term exposure to what are known as burn-pits. These pits incinerated human remains, trash, batteries and every other hell-forsaken by-product of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Filmmaker Greg Lovett has produced a film called “Delay, Deny, Hope You Die” covering yet another tragedy in our “patriotic” abuse of ‘Murican men’s misplaced “patriotism”.

Told Ya So: The Demons Are Ascendant And They’ve Come For The Kids – Whether they get the souls by enlisting them in juvenile acts of fornication and sodomy or by having them killed in utero before any possibility of Baptism and erasure of Original Sin, the demons war on children is now so public, to deny it should be terms for being diagnosed as mentally unstable. Under the category You just Can’t Make This Stuff Up, a Missouri woman, claiming membership in the First Church of Satan, has sued to have her religion “recognized” and abortion laws declared unconstitutional abridgements of her “Constitutional” right to religious freedom.

The woman, identified as Mary Doe in court documents, argued that her religion does not adhere to the idea that life begins at conception, and, because of that, the prerequisites for an abortion in Missouri are unconstitutionally violating her freedom of religion protected by the First Amendment.

We’ll deal with the “constitutional” issue separately, let’s deal with the “religion” issue for now. This is what religious pluralism gets you: ALL religions being considered equal under the law, the precise opposite of what Christians gained for Christ after 300 years of martyrdom and catacombs.

Hollywood Kicks Scapegoat Harvey Weinstein To The Curb, Their Own Poster-Boy For What “Big Mouth” Guided Teens Become – When “Hollywood” returns to self-censored filmmaking I’ll buy the “repulsive” reaction to Harvey Weinstein. Kicking him out of their snobatorium for acting upon the lustful impulses their movies & music are drenched with is convenient scapegoating and changes nothing. The same people who serve up never-ending adulation of all things LGBTQ and then for an encore serve up child pornography disguised as “comedy” are “repulsed” by Harvey Weinstein!? Why, because he didn’t have a script of his actions? Where are the stories of charitable women who saw Harvey’s sickness and like Saint Teresa of Avila sought to help him kick his mortally sinful behavior?

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