The Mike Church Show Episode 459: Hollywood Doesn’t Have The Virtuous Men You’re Looking For

Written by on 10/17/2017

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Mandeville, LA – Raging Bonfire of The Vanities In Hollywood While California Burns – The after shocks from Hurricane Hollywood Harvey continue with no end in sight as 500,000 women take to Twitter to claim they’ve been sexually exploited/abused/harassed. It should be no surprise though because what we are seeing is what “Hollywood” has been selling for over 40 years: happiness and privilege go together; the former is obtained by acquiring material wealth through any “legal” means necessary the latter by promoting a sleazy, incestuous patriarchy. The members of Gal-Queda, smelling semen in the water have naturally pounced on this and eve had removed from public display a “Confederate” statue of their own: the “casting couch”. From the NY Times

“As part of the general reaction to the articles on Mr. Weinstein, the Hollywood & Highland shopping center removed from its 17-year-old “Road to Hollywood” public art exhibit a daybed that some have taken to represent the proverbial “casting couch” — the symbol of ritualized abuse that studio chiefs meted out in trading roles for sexual favors.”

I will say again that when the perverts have no market left to sell their unnatural, sex as life serials too, then you might see “change” but please note: what’s on masculine display is the exact opposite of virtuous masculinity i.e. the Christian virtue of chastity. In Hollywood and in the “cult” they helped create, there is no Christian virtue in men save for pockets of heroic virtue of the kind required to be a noble member of the CRUSADES. Perhaps there is no coincidence that much of surrounding California is physically burning down? Or maybe we should just all go and ask Jimmy Kimmel.

Let’s Talk About Sex Virtue Baby Madame – The popular song whose title I just altered to make it somewhat appropriate is an apt description for the culture around us today: EVERYTHING is about sex and I don’t mean the difference in gender, I mean the act. When men have surrendered the chastity battlefield aided and abetted by women; evidenced by shrinking hemlines that led to skin-tight, anatomy highlighting “yoga pants”, what else can be produced other than Harvey Weinstein’s? If women truly want to turn the clock back, and every Christian woman should just as every woman should  desire to be Christian, then let’s peer into the chivalrous past of Italy.

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