The Mike Church Show Episode 475: Volunteers Needed To De-Enlist From The Millennial Militia

Written by on 11/09/2017

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Mandeville, LA – USA! USA! Has Squandered $5.6 TRILLION in “War On Terror”, Don’t You Feel “Safer” Now, ‘Muricah? – The facts speak for themselves but hey, what’s another $5.6 TRILLION in debt between ‘Murican heretics?

The Apostles Were Communists All along And Nobody Knew It – David Bentley Hart, a “Christian Scholar”, claims on the pages of the NY Times that the early Christians, even the Apostles themselves, were “communists”. This arises from Hart’s new translation of the New Testament for Yale (WHY another translation is needed is another question). Hart’s confusion is sewn in the meaning of the term “communist”. As I have reminded readers over the years “communism” is not merely a system of government where peasants lose and bourgeois bullies win, it is a philosophy that doubles as a major heresy: it rejects God in toto. Here’s the core of Hart’s argument:

They lived a common life and voluntarily enjoyed a community of possessions. The murmur subsided, though not necessarily the disquiet. Not that anyone should have been surprised. If the communism of the apostolic church is a secret, it is a startlingly open one. Vaguer terms like “communalist” or “communitarian” might make the facts sound more palatable but cannot change them. The New Testament’s Book of Acts tells us that in Jerusalem the first converts to the proclamation of the risen Christ affirmed their new faith by living in a single dwelling, selling their fixed holdings, redistributing their wealth “as each needed” and owning all possessions communally.

Note the society allowed the liberty to sell things so that God might be served. This is equivocation of the highest order.

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