The Mike Church Show-Why Is Speaker Johnson Acting Like Someone Is Blackmailing Him?

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  LGBTQ – 

  • New data shows the majority of gender confused children ‘grow out of it’ if just left alone.
  • We begin with this today b/c we have seen the massive spike in ‘gender confused’ youth.

Vaccine Schedules – 

  • Longterm studies are the only way to determine efficacy and side effects etc.









Speaker Mike Johnson

  • What happened to him since he became Speaker?
  • He was once the champion of all pro-life.
  • He was on the Susan B Anthony list w/ a score of 100!
  • Just a few weeks ago, he rammed through the minibus w/ funding for day of birth abortions.
  • Remember when Johnson first came in?
  • He said to Biden, you are not getting anymore money for Ukraine?
  • They only need 3 traitor Republicans for this $60 billion to Ukraine.
  • Biden and Schumer have BEEN asking for this $60 billion all along.
  • So what is going on here?

HEADLINE: Mike Johnson And Trump Can Cut The Bait-And-Switch ‘Loan For Ukraine’ Talk by Eddie Scarry

  • If they can get to Johnson, who can’t they get to?
  • Something doesn’t add up here.
  • Let’s pretend for a minute he is a good guy here.
  • Let’s just pretend he is as clean as a whistle. 
  • Chuck Schumer did say back in the day – “We have 6 ways to Sunday to get you”.
  • Currently in the United States – $30 billion was added to our National Debt just with interest.
  • If you took the interest payments that have to be made, that is about 50% of the Federal Budget.
  • At this current rate, inside of  3 years it will be 100%.
  • That is how long they have to attempt to fix this.
  • Some of us are trying to make corrections but the majority just doesn’t seem to care. 
43m AUDIO/VIDEO: Chuck Schumer – Taking On Intelligence AgenciesI tell you, you take on the intelligence community and they have 6 ways to Sunday to get back at you.

  • These people are not human – Alex Jones Clip

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker CarlsonMontage of MSM saying Ukraine is winning the war w/ Russia.

  • What is happening here in America w/ the Speaker?
  • They locked Martha Stewart up for market manipulation.
  • Our Senators and Reps in the House ALL DO IT and nothing happens to them.
  • The point I would make is, is there any force on Earth that can stop this?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson – Do you think he is being blackmailed?

Marjorie Taylor Greene – I have no idea. I can’t comprehend what radically changes a man. Let’s break this down, he is pro-life and he funded full-term abortion clinics and transgender clinics for children. He did nothing to secure our border.

  • If there is no natural explanation, should we start looking at preternatural? 

CATHOLIC AIR RAID SIREN – Catholic Doctrine Approaching – 

  • The worlds greatest truth, the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church does exist, and there is a singular truth.
  • If you don’t conform your mind to that reality, what other areas are you prone to fall for non-truths in?
  • Kat Williams interview – at Club ShayShay – he said all of these sexual deviants would be revealed in 2024. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: George Carlin in 2008 – Garbage in, garbage out. If you have selfish ignorant citizens you will get the same leaders. Maybe its not the politicians that suck around here, maybe it is something else like the PUBLIC.



Ratification Debates of the State of Virginia

  • I left this part out, maybe I was trying to be mainstream but here it is since it’s not in my movie.
  • Before the Constitution was ratified, what did Patrick Henry tell his friends about why they SHOULDN’T ratify the Constitution?
  • TKD – reads transcript of Patrick Henrys speech.
  • “ I am not well versed in history, but I will submit to your recollection, whether liberty has been destroyed most often by the licentiousness of the people, or by the tyranny of rulers. I imagine, sir, you will find the balance on the side of tyranny. Happy will you be if you miss the fate of those nations, who, omitting to resist their oppressors, or negligently suffering their liberty to be wrested from them, have groaned under intolerable despotism! Most of the human race are now in this deplorable condition; and those nations who have gone in search of grandeur, power, and splendor, have also fallen a sacrifice, and been the victims of their own folly. While they acquired those visionary blessings, they lost their freedom. My great objection to this government is, that it does not leave us the means of defending our rights, or of waging war against tyrants. It is urged by some gentlemen, that this new plan will bring us an acquisition of strength — an army, and the militia of the states. This is an idea extremely ridiculous: gentlemen cannot be earnest. This acquisition will trample on our fallen liberty. Let my beloved Americans guard against that fatal lethargy that has pervaded the universe. Have we the means of resisting disciplined armies, when our only defence, the militia, is put into the hands of Congress?”
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Back to Patrick Henry Speech

  • Will the Union withstand our current situation? 
  • This is an imaginary hobgoblin – radical new form of government.
  • Had there not been a plot and election interference if you will, the Constitution wouldn’t have been ratified as it stands today.
  • Where is the peril now compared to that?
  • As I always am w/ anything Patrick Henry did publicly, the wrong guy won that particular debate.
  • Henry should have won over Madison that day.
1h27m AUDIO/VIDEO: Jason Whitlock on Caitlin Clark v Angel ReeseLast year when Caitlin Clark lost, she lost w/ class. This year when she won, she won with class. That’s because she has parents that have disciplined her properly. On the other hand, Angel Reese is arrogant in victory and crushed in defeat. 

  • I can actually slaughter a whole segment on this topic.
  • Let me describe the video he is referring to.
  • Angel Reese had just scored and basically won the game for them. 
  • Angel Reese decided to taunt Caitlin Clark at that point.
  • She did the John Cena “You can’t see me” hand wave in front of her face.
  • You get a Caitlin Clark when you have two parents that care about her soul.
  • They will tell you she is a good Christian first and a great basketball player second.
  • Please don’t misunderstand me here, it does matter if you win or lose we don’t like participation trophies here either.
  • You can still love God and the game of basketball.
  • You made a tackle and then you dance around, that is your job.
  • There is no glory in the fact you did your job.
  • That is why you are on the team!
  • Governor Jeff Landry – 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe BidenAll of our progress is in stark contrast to my predecessor and MAGA republicans in Congress.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe BidenKamala and I will make Roe v Wade the law of the land again. I promise you.

  • Thunderous applause for killing babies.
  • What is wrong with us?
  • Our society is broken, we have soul-less people in this world and they seem to be growing in numbers.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Former ESPN host Sage Steele – Biden InterviewThis was about 2 months after he took office. It was interesting b/c it was so structured. I had to say every word they wrote out to the word…every single question was gone over many times by executives. No follow ups. 

  • They knew even back then he wasn’t up for the job.
  • Quick juxtaposition, 60 Minutes sent Leslie into the White House.
  • Trump granted her an interview.
  • Did Trumps handlers hand Leslie a Q & A sheet?
  • No he did not but he knew something was up w/ them wanting to come to the WH for an interview w/ him.
  • That is why he had a separate camera set up in a room nearby.
  • He KNEW they would attempt to cut the video up to make Trump look bad and that is precisely what they did.
  • He even mentioned the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell.
  • Why did Trump allow himself to be questioned w/o a script?
  • Because Trump isn’t a member of the 5th estate run media.
  • Trump beat these bastards fair and square.
  • He beat them in every industry from construction, to real estate and even wine!
  • The reason they hate him is b/c he is like me and you.
  • When you walk into that winery you know it is Trumps.
  • You know immediately you are in HIS territory.
1h56m AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Marjorie Taylor Greene 

Tucker Carlson – It seems like the Speaker of the House is working w/ Ukraine to do things that the majority of the citizens don’t want.

Marjorie Taylor Greene – $60 billion to Ukraine and we are reading about it in the news just like you guys are. We are losing our country to the illegal invasion and while our so called speaker is working w/ people like Hakeem Jeffries. 

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HEADLINE: Top Dem strategist who correctly predicted Republican flop in 2022 midterms insists Biden will win in November and urges his fellow liberals to stop worrying by Rachel Bowman

  • Biden is creating this path of ultimate destruction.

HEADLINE: Biden Administration Abruptly Stops Replenishing Strategic Petroleum Reserve by Andrew Moran

  • Does he think his illegals are all going to vote for Biden?
  • Does he think they will vote in red states where it matters?
  • Or is this just to destroy as much as possible until the inevitable happens?
  • There is NO SHORTAGE of oil here in the Untied States or elsewhere.
  • So why are they saying that?
  HEADLINE: Trans High School Basketball Player Who Knocked Down Female Rival Competes Against Girls in Multiple Sports by Debra Heine
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Marjorie Taylor Greene 

Tucker Carlson – Do you think the rep speaker will bring this up and get it passed w/ Democrats?

Marjorie Taylor Greene – Yes, that is what he is planning to do. The last vote on Ukraine funding was Set 28, 2023. That vote 101 reps voted yes for $300 million. We should not be funding a foreign war in order to fund our military. It is all about our national security. This isn’t protecting our national security interest.



Speaker Mike Johnson

  • What has happened to him?
  • Is he being blackmailed?
  • Was he simply not prepared for the evil he is being confronted with?
  • How did he go from being Captain Bible thumper to what we see today?
  • Funding for Ukraine – its on the way.
  • He is going to put this up this coming week.
  • Johnson is playing with Schumer, the FBI and the Biden Regime.
  • Republicans voted to give him the gavel so what is going on?
  • How did he become speaker?
  • Isn’t this the way it always happens in the world of big business?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Marjorie Taylor Greene

Tucker Carlson – Do you think he is being blackmailed?

Marjorie Taylor Greene – I have no idea. I can’t comprehend what radically changes a man. Let’s break this down, he is pro-life and he funded full-term abortion clinics and transgender clinics for children. He did nothing to secure our border. 











Mahgdalen Rose

Political Correspondent 

  • Speaker Mike Johnson is just not equipped to handle this position. 
  • He is there b/c Matt Gaetz wanted to get rid of McCarthy.
  • Hakeem Jeffries has been groomed and trained to be the speaker by his party.
  • That isn’t the case for Johnson.
  • I think Hakeem is also doing something very important, he is keeping the presidential election open.
  • Kevin McCarthy had a clear agenda.
  • This new speaker doesn’t have a goal.
  • Speaker should be a political shark.
  • He pushed for revolution w/o a plan.
  • He was telling the American people he did but it was clear he didn’t have one and he didn’t even have a replacement for the Speaker position. 
  • You don’t see him claiming his victory of getting rid of Kevin McCarthy.
  • RFK Jr is definitely someone to be afraid of. 
  • Will he just steal the votes from the Democrat or will he pull from both sides?
  • Joe Biden is NOT going to step on the stage with anyone especially not Robert F Kennedy Jr.
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