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HEADLINE: PC Kills an Indian Star by Pradheep J. Shanker

  • The social justice warriors are getting angrier and they are claiming more territory.
  • DNS names – the internet works when you type in
  • That request goes to a server then to another server etc.
  • They are coming after site after site….well those sites that don’t share the same view points.

HEADLINE: Luongo: The Attack On Gab Proves Speech Was Never Free by Tyler Durden

  • Look the Democrats are NOT going to take back the House or the Senate. I think they have given up on that idea.
  • Is there a way to install an app on an iPhone without going through the iTunes store?
  • Of course there is with a JailBreak.
  • I thought iOS was a “true open source”.

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  • So what if the Crusade Channel is attacked? What will we do?
  • These things are all related.



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SideBar –

Alphie Evans and his tragic story – you think we have censorship here…Parliament does this stuff for fun.

  • The difference between podcasts and live radio.
  • We here at the Crusade Channel is the HBO of talk radio.
  • Station information – RSS Feeds and the new password changes coming.

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HEADLINE: Trump claims he can defy Constitution and end birthright citizenship by Kevin Liptak

  • Trump claimed several times the 14th amendment was never ratified.
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Special Guest Hugh Owens from the Kolbe Centere

  • Father Robinson published a book and one of our board members wrote a book review for it.
  • Genesis first 5 books of the Bible
  • Creation –
  • Once they were willing to accept the whole tradition of the Church had been wrong in regards to chronology of the history of Earth…
  • Maximillion Kolbe – we have writings from some of his spiritual descendants translated into English that he believed that there were millions of years of cosmic development.
  • He never accepted any kind of biological evolution!
  • He was admit God created every single creature.
  • We must step back and realize what a deception Satan has been able to pull off here.
  • We have many Catholic scholars that are holding many of us in contempt and all we are doing is defending what the Fathers of the Church have taught.

HEADLINE: “Scoffers Will Arise in the Last Days”: A Reply to Fr. Paul Robinson, FSSPX

  • The Kolbe Center provides a forum for Catholic theologians, philosophers and natural scientists all over the world who defend the Church’s traditional understanding of the sacred history of Genesis, as believed and taught by all of the Fathers, Doctors, Popes and Council Fathers in their authoritative teaching, that God created a perfectly beautiful, complete and harmonious universe—and all of the different kinds of angelic and corporeal creatures—for man, by fiat, less than ten thousand years ago. In one of the most remarkable prophetic passages in the entire Bible, St. Peter our first Pope, was inspired to warn us against an all-out satanic assault on this fundamental doctrine of creation “in the last days” when “scoffers” would come into the Church of God saying  “Things have always continued as they were since the beginning of creation (2 Peter 3:4).”
  • The 24hr clock – The Genesis Story
  • Geologist say there is no way the sedimentary layer could have just happened. There is clear evidence of a WATER event.

HEADLINE: The Moral and Social Influence of Devotion to Mary by Dr. Orestes A. Brownson

  • They distort the Character of God. This is not what God revealed to us.
  • The tomb that Lazarus was in was a pubic tomb, he had to make the distinction of Lazarus. If He didn’t they ALL would have risen and come out.
  • Get to Know B. Solanus – Blessed Sloanus Casey
  • If we really want to know the truth we have to ask that all the veils be stripped away so we can see the truth and its beauty.
  • When we accept the word of God in Genesis, we realize He created this entire universe for US!
  • We are the apple of His eye!
  • This is why we have kids in such a state…we are telling them they are NOT important to God.
  • They are just a product of evolution.
  • Mike tells story of Twitter feud with someone saying Mother Mary was closer to the “mother monkey” than we are.
  • What it show is this evolutionary doctrine is not only wrong but has the Hallmark of Satan.
  • If we make a reasonable extrapolation of Earth’s magnetic field, everything in real science confirms the history of Genesis

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HEADLINE: The ‘Francis Option’ Fantasy by Rod Dreher

  • Papal biographer Austen Ivereigh is a true believer in Pope Francis’s progressive Catholic vision. As George Weigel was to John Paul II, so is Ivereigh to Francis, seeing the pope as the herald of a New Springtime of Evangelization. Here’s a lengthy piece from Ivereigh on Francis and evangelization, in which Ivereigh describes The Benedict Option as “neo-Donatist” and “neo-Jansenist” — slurs that are both theologically inaccurate, and fancy ways of saying, “Oh bother, that Dreher fuddy actually expects us to take sin seriously.”
  • Yep, that’s me, advocating raising drawbridges and telling people to head for the hills. – Rod Dreher

























SPECIAL GUEST Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow Michael Hichborn here:

  • He actually says NEW Christian Church – Ivereigh
  • You have to remember where Pope Francis has come from.
  • Here is the part that is the most damning if you will – there is this thing called the Francis Option.

HEADLINE: To Discern and Reform: The ‘Francis Option’ for Evangelizing a World in Flux by Austen Ivereigh

  • This is nothing but more confusion.
  • “Austen Ivereigh suggests that Pope Francis ‘sees in the tribulation and ferment of the Church an opportunity for patient conversion through a renewed humble and joyful dependence on God’s mercy.’ “
  • What kind of surprises are we talking about here?
  • The confusion that comes from that is chaos.
  • He seems to be using the Holy Spirit to create this change.

The Catholic Worker Movement

  • What is going on here is that the Church of nice, no sin, the Church that does not deal with reality….this was always the vision of what the people that created Vatican II.
  • It can only be described as a revolution.
  • You have the ambiguity of the language of the document that was exploited.
  • There is a continuance in the use of ambiguous language for the purpose of spreading a certain ideology.

HEADLINE: USCCB Gives $240,000 to Group Promoting Planned Parenthood, Prostitution, LGBTs by Michael Hichborn

  • They received 4 grants totaling $240,000
  • Here is the thing, this organization is in complete and total violation of the USCCB guidelines.
  • This group has its own publication: The Publication of the Coalition on Homelessness
  • It is in favor of removing the criminal aspect of sex workers.
  • “I support sex workers and homeless people” #SexWorkIsWork
  • The guy who is responsible for this Sean – he either didn’t do his job to look into this group or he saw it, knew it and didn’t care.
  • This group has got to go. – the CCHD
  • No one seems to care until it happens to them. – Censorship

Baltimore Marriott – Silence Stops Now November 13-14

  • NEW book coming out by Philip F. Lawler ‘The Smoke of Satan – How corrupt and cowardly Bishops betrayed Christ, His Church, and the faithful and what can be done about it.’

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary


Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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