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Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED: The Deep State’s Spyin’ Eyes Just Got Contract Extensions – The vote toe extend the FISA surveillance program WITHOUT alterationa nd in fact with new tyrannies added was successful thanks to Prewsident Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and, wait for it, Nancy Pelosi. See how the Ruling Elite are actually on the same page when it comes to their powers as bishops of democracy? Glenn Greenwald sums the cabal up perfectly.

“One can, of course, reasonably debate the proper balance between privacy, civil liberties, and national security. Questions of how much power to vest law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the name of terrorism are not always simple ones. But if there is any principle that ought to command support across party and ideological lines, it’s the one long embedded in the Constitution: We do not want our government spying on us unless it can first obtain a warrant to do so — the principle that was trampled on yesterday by the unholy alliance of Trump, the GOP congressional leadership, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff.”

Only our Elite Ruling Masters can possibly conceive of how the FISA, wholesale collection of the known universe’s private data “keeps ‘Muricans safe”.

Q: Safe from WHAT?

A: The newer residents of Clarke, Loudin, Stafford and Clarke counties from leading productive lives and dealing with the terms the rest of us deal with like: Ramen, rent and the reality of unemployment.

What Does A Yellow Light Mean? – It probably means you are traveling on a “stroad” when you should be on either a street or a road and there is a BIG difference. Charles Marohn explains that ‘Muricans have been building “stroads” at a breakneck pace the last 60 years and the toll on taxpayers and communities is evident for all to see (and feel).

“A stroad is the worst kind of transportation investment we can make, yet we build them all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. If you are driving between 25 and 50 miles per hour, you are probably on a stroad. They are everywhere. That’s because of the way in which transportation professionals approach street construction. As they do with roads, they start the process by selecting a design speed.”

I have talked about this before and love reminiscing about the old highway system – that built ROADS – without the federal leviathan’s approval or involvement. The history of numbered highway systems goes back to 1914 and the creation of the ‘Murican Association os State Highway Transportation Officials.

Where Are The Real Manly Men? v- Well, they aren’t being killed on jobsites anymore but they are allegedly being killed by gluten and lack of Peleton bicycles. Article by The Z-Man. “My grandfather’s generation had the very real fear of starvation. Men were still routinely killed on work sites and personal violence was a part of a normal man’s life. They never heard of soy or ADHD, but they were willing to open the door for women to take over the culture. For thousands of years men knew how to control their women. Then they didn’t.”

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