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Trump Not Only Has The Power, He Now Has The DUTY To Replace RBG on SCOTUS!

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    Trump Not Only Has The Power, He Now Has The DUTY To Replace RBG on SCOTUS! LoneRhody

Trump Not Only Has The Power, He Now Has The DUTY To Replace RBG on SCOTUS!

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  Battle of Lepanto 

October 7, 1571



AUDIO/VIDEO: AOC TikTok – video on Ruth Bader Ginsberg death bed/dying wish to not be replaced by President Trump 

  • The idea we go into legislative lockdown because RBG is dead is ridiculous.
  • Trump should use his authority, which he has, make a statement on RBG’s passing, discuss this is his duty, this is what he was elected for and list all his nominations.
  • Send the nominations to the Senate and Mitch McConnell and BOOM!
  • Expediency is the order of the day. 


Ronald Reagan SCOTUS 

  • Bork was to replace Lewis Powell
  • Then Joe Biden and Kennedy made outlandish accusations of Judge Robert Bork.
  • Who did Reagan then nominate? 
  • Judge Anthony Kennedy – 
  • 1992 we find out why Bork had to be Borked!
  • The law said STATES had the right to write their own laws on abortions.
  • The case then becomes famous.
  • Casey vs Planned Parenthood
  • QUESTION: Who wrote the majority opinion?
  • ANSWER: Kennedy
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Diane Feinstein to Amy Cohen “the dogma that lives in you is very strong and I fear will come out in important issues.”
  TRIVIA QUESTION: When was the last time a SCOTUS needed to be replaced by a President who’s term had all but already expired?

  • December 15, 1880 – William B Woods
  • Look the election was over, Garfield had already won!
  • The Senate in 6 days voted and confirmed this justice!
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: UK Parliament “would you consider throwing this over to our very well trained military?”

Translation: “We are preparing to declare WAR on the citizens of the UK, and we are preparing our military to overpower them.”

1h22m HEADLINE: Students Segregated and Isolated from Peers at School by Cheryl Stephen 

  • You have parents and professional educators signing off on this.
  • This is the adult administration bullying the children and using COVID as the excuse.
  • The Parliament wants continued, never-ending testing of the citizens.
  • This is coming to America folks if we don’t stop it.

HEADLINE: Considerations regarding consent in vaccinating children and adolescents between 6 and 17 years old 

  AUDIO/VIDEO: George Stephanopoulos w/ Nancy Pelosi – floats impeaching Trump or AG Barr to prevent Trump from filing SCOTUS vacancy. NANCY – “We have our options. We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss…..”

  • THE PRO-BLUSH is at the 5:36 mark of the above video.
  • It truly is a must see!


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The CRUSADE Channel has learned that Fr. Ian Bozant of Saint Alphonsus Ligouri Catholic Church, in the heart of downtown Baltimore, MD, has written a letter to President Trump and begun a prayer campaign asking the President to consecrate the United States to The Immaculate Heart of Mary on Oct 7th at his church!   FULL DISCLOSURE: I personally know Fr. Bozant from his time in New Orleans and his pastoral work on my behalf.



HEADLINE: Breaking Judicial Norms: A History by The Editorial Board 

  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is widely reported to have told his Democratic colleagues on Saturday that “nothing is off the table for next year” if Republicans confirm a Supreme Court nominee in this Congress. He means this as a threat that Democrats will break the filibuster and pack the Court with more Justices in 2021 if they take control of the Senate in November’s election.
  • So what else is new? Democrats have a long history of breaking procedural norms on judges. While packing the Court would be their most radical…
     BREAKING NEWS _  Trump says Supreme Court list is down to 5 people, announcement coming Friday or Saturday by Brooke Singman
2h26m  BACK TO HEADLINE: Wall Street Journal
  AUDIO/VIDEO: President Trump upon hearing RBG’s death “she led an amazing life, what else can you say, whether you agreed w/ her or not, I am sad to hear that.”

AUDIO/VIDEO: Chuck Schumer – “this will be a decision left up to the Senate once we win a majority.” (Bababooey)

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden – “anyone putting a list of SCOTUS nominees is subjecting them to relentless attacks and I don’t want to do that to HER.”

AUDIO/VIDEO: AOC – “Impeachment is ‘on the table’ to prevent the filing for the SCOTUS vacancy, we will use all the tools at our disposal.” 

  HEADLINE: Justice Dept. brands NYC an ‘anarchist jurisdiction,’ targets federal funds by Steven Nelson









Special Guest Christopher Ferrara

Author of Liberty the God that Failed, The Great Facade and others.

  • Packing the court – SCOTUS 
  • That has never happened in the history of the United States.
  • Free elections, big democracy 
  • Father Robinson SSPX – case hinges on the amount of people in a room rule. 
  • New Jersey 25% capacity in Churches but a floor of 10 people. 
  • In the Jewish community you have to have 10 or MORE to even hold a ‘service’.
  • The freedom of the citizen – you are free b/c you are being represented by a person YOU chose.
  • Our true liberties are swallowed up by the representative.
  • The great irony here is now we have to appeal to the Federal government to protect us against our state representatives.
  • Mask = are you part of the revolution? 
  • 137 days under mask edict of Governor John Bel Edwards (MASK FREE)
  • Your neighbor is now the government, they are walking around FORCING you to wear the mask.
  • Amy Coney Barrett – Would recuse herself if the Pope had taken a position – 


HEADLINE: ‘Dogma lives loudly in you’ – Amy Coney Barrett’s 2017 confirmation hearing by Matt Hadro 

  • The fate of Main Street and Monument Row – 
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Written by: LoneRhody

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