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Written by on 11/27/2017

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Mandeville, LA – The Canadian Demons Have Come For The Children… – Meet professor Jordan Peterson, the Rosa Parks of those who choose natural law as their reality. Peterson is about to be brought up on charges and face imprisonment if convicted. You must be asking “what is his crime Mitter Chur”!? Well, Peterson is a professor at University of Toronto and he has called down the thunderous wrath of the Trans-N-abler troopers.

The worst example of this in the news in Canada right now is the persecution of Jordan B. Peterson. The University of Toronto professor has faced heated protests and censure from the administration simply for saying he won’t address students by gender neutral pronouns like “zhe”.

Peterson, to his heroic credit though, is not bowing before the altar of “it’s my reality and I’ll make it if I want to crowd”, Peterson has vowed to fight to the death.

“If they fine me, I won’t pay it. If they put me in jail, I’ll go on a hunger strike. I’m not doing this. And that’s that. I’m not using the words that other people require me to use. Especially if they’re made up by radical left-wing ideologues.”

Those who say this is much ado about nothing don’t understand what is at play here: the final act in the 20 century long campaign to rid the world of the shreds of Christianity, the God Man who is its King and the omnipotent Creator . The final rejection of God’s Created world and order is what’s on trial here and even though they cannot face actual repeal, grave damage can be done in the attempt, very grave damage indeed.

The Trangenders Have Been Joined By Their Mommas & Have Come For The Kids – Watch/read my report on the latest child-abuse disguised as transgender compassion and let’s refresh as Mike Church Show staple from “8 year olds, Dude” to “5 year olds, dude”.

Laura Jane Grace Helps Genderful! Program Teach Kids About Gender

This event hosted by transgender rocker Laura Jane Grace is all about teaching kids about gender identity

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Retaining The Right To Say No To Participation In Sodomite Weddings Is Now A Crisis For Humanity – Remember the Colorado Springs bake shop owner who refused to bake a “wedding” cake adorned with sodomite ardor for a sodomite couple? Remember that the Colorado Human Rights basically told the bakery owner that he had to bake the cake or close-up shop, but even that wasn’t enough for the rainbow flag waivers. The case has now gone before the SCOTUS – full disclosure: the U.S. Constitution & the 1st Amendment have 0.0 to say about what Colorado Springs cake bakers can and cannot say to their customers but the Incorporation “doctrine” is better explained elsewhere – where it is feared that “conservative” justices might side with the baker and thus bring an end to civilization and its march to Make Sodom & Gamorrah Great Again. And all this because one of the sodomites “shoulders were shaking” and he “was crying” after the baker’s refusal. The anti-Christian jihad that “civil rights” law has become has just about run its course thanks to the same SCOTUS. It would be fitting to witness that body undo some of the damage but don’t hold your breath or open a new bakery just yet.

The Souls Who Escaped The Vegas Massacre Meeting “Final Destination” Endings? – I am not wanting to extend the suffering of those who survived Moloch postulant Stephen Paddock’s rampage but the story contains this:

“I don’t understand why he wasn’t taken at the shooting, but a month later he was taken this way,” McClellan’s widow, Denise, told CNN affilliate KSNV. “I hope my husband found peace and he’s safe now.” The shooting “was really messing” with McClellan’s head and “he was going to therapy,” she told the affiliate.

Well, did he thank God he survived, make a good confession and re-direct his life toward practicing the Faith? (I pray he did.) No one will ask these questions because no one wants to have to explain its meaning depending on the answer. THAT is why it is vitally important to never cease praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and explaining why we do so.

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