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Written by on 06/20/2018

Mandeville, La

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World Premiere – President Trump Galactic Empire soundbite


Announcing the possibility of a Travel and Leisure show – hat tip to Jas Wil










HEADLINE: Red And Blue Americans Listen To Each Other With Better Angels, And It’s Wonderful by Wendy Wilson

  • Nothing says ‘Murica like a bunch of overweight people talking politics over pancakes.
  • These things are not solved or sorted out by virtue of election.

LISTENER EMAIL QUESTION: Should you participate still in elections?

  • Yes, you should still vote. It is a civic duty, however, you shouldn’t put any weight on that vote. As in, you shouldn’t get upset when you don’t get the outcome your hoped for with that vote.
  • Example: HOA


  • You don’t need to understand how Liberals think. You need to understand how you ought to think. Not what you think buy ‘how’ you think.
  • We need to agree on the things that are truly important – internal transcendence.

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HEADLINE: Beltway Bandits, Cronyism and the DoD’s Exclusive Contracts by Bruce Fein



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 HEADLINE: Why There’s No Such Thing As Local Government Any More, And What To Do About It by Joy Pullmann


HEADLINE: The Internet: Blessing or Curse? by Tom Jay

  • Poundstone reports, “In 2014, as Russian troops entered the Ukraine and America debated how (or if) to react, three political scientists took a survey to see if Americans knew where Ukraine was. Asking people to find it on a map, only one in six could.” 

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Side-bar to our local headlines to show you an example of this:

HEADLINE: Mandeville council to hold closed-door session on Port Marigny

  • Obedience to the unenforceable.


Back to HEADLINE: Joy Pullman

  • We shouldn’t be sitting down talking about how and where we disagree.
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Special Guest: Sir Charles Coulombe author of The Catholic Quest of the Holy Grail

Contact and/or follow Sir Charles: @RCCoulombe

  • Bilderberg Group
  • Mardi Gras Krewes they are all very alike in one way but very different in another.
  • Mardi Gras is a different experience in Metairie vs Downtown New Orleans.
  • There are many towns that celebrate Mardi Gras and they all celebrate them differently.
  • Yet another Catholic holiday that has been taken over and all aspects of the religion has been removed from it.
  • January 6th the night before the Epiphany – the loss comes in the disconnect from the liturgy. It is easy to lose sight of ‘why’ you are doing it.
  • Stewardship Sunday –
  • Moving all Feast Days to Sundays is a terrible thing.
  • It is the mattress sale day, just another 3 day weekend with no religious aspect to them.
  • Don’t you move your own Birthday to the next Sunday?!
  • Moving a Federal Holiday – they will move that day to accommodate the masses
  • Bayou St. John
  • The richest Catholic place Louisiana and New Mexico (very close race)
  • The Constable Count of the Stables
  • Rum : The Epic Story of the Drink That Conquered the World
  • There was a time when reading books was ‘the’ pastime of Americans
  • Literacy used to be the law of the land. A publishing house would determine what topic they wanted books on and would put out feelers to get authors to do that.
  • Man is a very weird creature: He has the yearning for truth and the repulsion for it.
  • Lower-archy
  • The problem is the cool kids are leading us on a path of ruin.
  • ie all of the Kardashians, Paris Hilton the list is so very long
  • The right to murder someone you have complete control over.
  • Trying to get new talent on VRN
  • HEADLINE: The Evil That We Are by Charles Coulombe
  • Puritan’s Empire: A Catholic Perspective on American Histrory by Charles A. Coulombe
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