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Barrett Brief Weekend Edition: The Truth Behind the Taylor Swift Psyop Theory

today02/05/2024 46

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The Truth Behind the Taylor Swift Psyop Theory

In this week’s episode of the Barrett Brief: Weekend Edition – Rick Barrett talks Taylor Swift Psyop & the real state of the Cartels 


Weekly Topics:

First Segment –


Lightning Round:

Target removes Black History Month book from shelves for misidentifying Civil Rights leaders

Students destroy tampon dispenser in boys’ bathroom 20 minutes after it was installed

US energy data agency to track crypto mining power use

The Hottest New Bedtime for 20-Somethings Is 9 p.m.

Oregon Supreme Court Sides With Democrats, Bans 10 GOP Lawmakers From Running for Re-Election

Florida Bars Transgender Claims on Driver’s Licenses

Spotify signs new Joe Rogan podcast $250 million non-exclusive deal

Carl Weathers, Apollo Creed in the Rocky Films, Dies at 76

Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring at Groundhog Day festivities


3rd hour:



Written by: LoneRhody