Whether you’re a brand new subscriber or a seasoned, listening and CRUSADING Knight, there’s probably useful features on this site that most people  have never used. This page is devoted to showing you then explaining how to use those features from the most basic and simple to power or binge listening, you have questions and we have the answers (we hope!)!

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The easiest way is to follow these steps.

1. Make sure you are logged in.

2. CLICK HERE to see plan options to upgrade.

3. Remember, you will be billed on a pro-rated basis that depends on your current level, where you are in the billing cycle and what level you are upgrading to.

Finding your favorite CRUSADE Channel Shows is easy. The most straightforward way is to browse through each show’s archive. Go to or the archived shows HERE.

The Program Schedules can easily be found under the Main Menu at the top of any CRUSADE Channel content page by mousing over the “SHOWS” menu tab and then selecting the schedule you want to check out as show below. Also by clicking HERE

Yes you can and we pray that you will because The CRUSADE Channel is supported by your subscriptions AND Donations! Click here to donate any amount and thank you!

Yes! You can use our “Make Mike an Offer”, Gift Membership Pages to give the gift of The CRUSADE Channel to all your friends, family members & enemies! Its fast, simple and based on what YOU can afford, click here to get started.

There are 4 ways to include CRUSADE TV in your Founders Pass membership.

1. Purchase CRUSADE TV a la carte (NO audio services are available with this level!).

2. Upgrade to Basic PLUS TV.

3. Upgrade to Founding Brother PLUS TV.

4. Upgrade to Founding Father or CRUSADER Level membership.

Click here to select a TV Upgrade or purchase option.

To access the CRUSADER Stadium Chatroom, “The only social media worth socializing in.” (a video to explain this is being made).

1. You must apply for a FREE, Rumble Talk user account on their site by clicking here. PLEASE NOTE: write down the account info for Rumble Talk and keep it handy. The RumbleTalk login and pass word will ONLY WORK to login to the Chatroom or! It will NOT work to login to the site!

2. Go to the CRUSADER Stadium Chatroom by clicking HERE. The Chatroom landing page will look like this.

YES! This will be covered in a future video but basically you’ll need:

1. A Mobile phone, logged into the CRUSADE Channel and playing your favorite show.

2. A Bluetooth Connection on that phone, paired to your car radio’s Bluetooth connection.

3. You can also use step 1 then go to Step 4.

4. Use your phone’s headphone jack, connect a “male to male” headphone cable to the phone and the other male headphone to the “AUX IN” jack on your car radio.

The easiest way is to use the Main Menu at the top of any CRUSADE Channel content page, on your account profile, scroll to near the bottom of the page and click the “CANCEL” text/link – but do you REALLY wanna do that!? Why not Call us first if its a $$$ issue and we’ll work with you personally & keep your membership active! Call 844-527-8723.


Yes, we have 2 apps but you really only need the FOUNDING BROTHER CONTENT APP to make playlists, use the station as your alarm clock and other wicked cool features. The first is our CRUSADE Channel Listening App, available in the iTunes store here and Google play store here. It looks like this in the app stores and can be used to easily connect your device to the CRUSADE Channel website, login and listen (this is done through your mobile’s browser).

The other app is called “THe CRUSADE Channel Content App” and can only be opened by a Founding Brother, Father or CRUSADER Level Member. You’ll need to upgrade to even open it. Upgrade here.