The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes

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And CRUSADE Channel On-Demand Sampler Disc

The most original Sherlock Holmes adventure in decades!Jas Wil

You’ll be rooting for Holmes then sadly, rooting against him, then, there’s one more thing!Rusty L

In this new, never told story, Holmes deals with his past and confronts his future. How will he explain his mistakes when his reputation is one of perfection?

RUNTIME: 1 hr 32 minutes

Format: Stereo

FREE Preview: Act I “The Visit”

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Whether you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes, Father Brown, Scooby-Doo, or Radio Classics; this will hit home. Mystery, Murder, and Mayhem abounds in a quality telling of a Sherlock Holmes tale that is both unexpected and revealing. A family safe program, unlike the Wil Farrell movie being released next week.

Two men meet for the first time: Sherlock Holmes and a priest.

One of the men has a secret.

And as a murder is unearthed, a murderer is revealed.

What follows is an epiphany of the strangest sort, if one with a quite unexpected journey to the manger during Christmastide.

A story of a confession: but, also, a tale of one of the most unlikely conversions.

The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes.

Written by K.V. Turley and Fiorella de Maria; Produced and directed by Mike Church.

Preview A – The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes

Preview B – The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes


1. Act I “The Visit”

2. Act II “The Crime”

3. Act III “The Confession”

4. Special Feature – Mike Church on the Making of The Last Confession

5. Special Feature – Mike Church & Kevin O’Brien – LIVE LCSH!

6. Special Feature – CRUSADE On-Demand Sampler – Thev Deliver Us From Evil Tapes S1 E1

7. Special Feature – CRUSADE On-Demand Sampler – The Pearcing Truth – May The Cross Be With You, Always…” S1 E9

8. Special Feature – The Mike Church Show – Not This Time Libs: Demoncrats Responsible For Kavanaugh Slander Must Be Outed & Punished

9. Special Feature – CRUSADE On-Demand Sampler – TWA Flight 800 Episode 1

10. Special Feature – CRUSADE On-Demand Sampler – True Money Show Zero to Hero, Ramon Salazar


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