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Friday-Why Are Gal-Queda Women Shrieking With Schumer? Because LIFE Is Winning!

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  • The ProChoice women scream to never end the ability to kill their babies.
  • CRS promoting contraception and sex education instead of abstinence.
  • Chuck Schumer threatens the Justices and then immediately apologizes.
  • President Trump Town Hall highlights.
  • The invasion of Greece by the Turks.












AUDIO: Actress Busy Phillips at ProChoice rally – “I have what I have b/c I had an abortion at the age of 15.”

AUDIO: Ayanna Pressley – we have 2 alleged sexual predators sitting in the Supreme Court.

Crusader Stadium – If THIS is what women have become, we should see a MASSIVE increase in the vocation of Priesthood.

  • So what is actually going on here?
  • Demons have preternatural knowledge – 
  • AUDIO: Elizabeth Warren – drops out of the race, blames sexism.
  • Where is the dignity?
  • What happened to losing w/ dignity?
  • It is because they don’t have any dignity. 
  • Hillary Clinton – “I didn’t lose the Russians took the election from me.”
  • AUDIO: Ronald Reagan @ the RNC 1976 Concession Speech when he lost to Ford
  • Ronald Reagan did the right thing. He addressed all of them and thanked them for inviting them to the event and welcoming them with open arms.
  • Even though Ford was NOT being very gracious and friendly, Ronald Reagan went anyway and gave this speech.
  • Calmer heads prevailed and Ford made the personal invite to Reagan. (for the good of the party)
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LENTEN QUESTION: If you are on a bread and water fast, does a donut count as bread?












HEADLINE: McConnell Blasts Schumer Over ‘Reckless’ And ‘Irresponsible’ Comments About Kavanaugh, Gorsuch by Chrissy Clark

AUDIO/VIDEO: Mitch McConnell on Senate floor

  • Now why does Justice Kavanaugh’s name keep coming up?
  • The Demons know what’s coming next.
  • We are now being telegraphed, you know pride always comes before the fall, the SCOTUS is going to rule for LA.
  • The fact is the aborted child has a soul, planted upon conception.
  • Animas (Latin) – animation 
  • No soul = no animation
  • When the baby is gestating, the soul is animating the body, the blood flow the growth.
  • Protestants and Evangelicals will agree – Unless we get that baby out and Baptize it, they still have their original sin.
  • Faith/Hope/Charity 
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  AUDIO: President Donald Trump signs spending bill for Coronavirus

  • I understand why this is necessary but folks like Mitter Barrett has been saying, this is a local problem.
  • People are so dumb they are using Titos vodka for hand sanitizer.

HEADLINE: Tito’s tells customers to not use their vodka for hand sanitizer



AUDIO:  President Trump Town Hall – Schumers comments

AUDIO:  President Trump Town Hall – pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan

Crusader Stadium: If someone asked you why the devil hates Latin what would you say?

ANSWER: The Devil hates Latin b/c it is the official language of the Church founded by Jesus Christ. When the Pope pronounces something, he pronounces it in Latin. All long-form rites or prayers are done in Latin.



HEADLINE: Called to Divide, Not ‘Dialogue’ by Eric Sammons

  • “Can you name how often Jesus commanded his followers to dialogue with others? Spoiler alert: zero times. In fact, Jesus often divided the world into separate camps, be it the wheat and the chaff or the sheep and the goats.”
  • “He told His disciples to shake the dust off their feet and move on when a town didn’t listen to their message.”
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