How Alfie Evans Awakened The Slumbering Giant of Christendom-Mike Church Show

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Mandeville, LA – Alfie Evans has died and the Mike Church Show is all over the story and what it means to you and your children. Beverly Stevens-editor of Regina Magazine reports on her recent trip to Italy and the revival of The Faith that the young are undergoing there plus inside information and what really happened to Alfie Evans!

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 We live in a dystopia. Little Alfie Evans has died. He died on Saturday morning in the early morning hours. #AlfieEvans #AlfiesArmy

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Young boy asks Pope Francis: Is my father in heaven?   Pope Francis video where young boy asks if his Atheist father is in heaven.

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 HEADLINE: Alfie Evan’s Death Illustrates The Monstrous Logic of The Welfare State by John Daniel Davidson

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NFL Draft 2018 – Derrius Guice

POW*MIA flags “You Are Not Forgotten”


HEADLINE: Will There Always Be an England? by Andrew Sullivan

  • NYC cab drivers are NOT native to NY.
  • Whatever else you say about Britain these days, it no longer feels like a free country.
  • If you want to see what the world would look like if the social-justice movement could truly get their way, and if the First Amendment did not exist, come to England.
  • The deep state doesn’t run it anymore, it was privatized. So killing has now been made legal for anyone.
  • I would argue the “valid” – I understand that, at some point, extraordinary measures to sustain a human life are no longer valid.

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HEADLINE: Waste Land: Britain’s Culture of Death by K.V. Turley





Special Guest: Beverly Stevens @ReginaMagazine @ReginaMagOnline

  • Charlie Guard and Alfie Evans
  • The English are not like Americans
  • Joseph Pearce – English people tend not to acknowledge when they do things wrong.
  • They have a sense of restitute. They are always going on about the “morality” of things.
  • Volcanic rock which is quite soft when exposed to air but quickly hardens.
  • 4 major catacombs in Rome (half a million people are buried in it)

Catacombs Of Rome

  1. Catacombs of San Sebastiano
  2. Catacombs of San Callisto
  3. Catacombs of Priscilla
  4. Catacombs of Domitilla
  5. Catacombs of Sant’Agnese
  • 3 part Series of the Irish Potato Famine _ Reverse Deception with host Gregory Carpenter
  • Thousands of British soldiers confiscated the food from Ireland.
  • You see the results of being deprived of history.
  • You are also seeing the results of a lack of morality. Morality is not being taught or handed down to the next generation.
  • All this does is set women up to bitterness and to repeat a cycle.
  • People in Europe simply don’t get married unless they are rich. The poor or working class simply cannot afford to get married. The 45 and 50 year olds are getting married, not the young ones.
  • It’s all about the “party” not the wedding!
  • The concept of marriage as a sacrament is completely gone.
  • The Italians look up to the Brits.
  • Food in Italy – there is no such thing as Italian food
  • Archbishop of Liverpool – loading praise on Alder Hey
  • Alder Hey was harvesting baby parts and harvesting organs.
  • Jospeh Pearce – Our Lady of Walsingham
  • The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
  • Latin Mass – reverence is far different than that of the NO Masses
  • Going to Latin Mass requires you put your brain on hold and be in the presence of Christ.
  • Absorb an atmosphere….people break down in tears and cannot even tell you why they are so emotional.
  • The media used to be respectful of the Church.
  • The media has washed over and replaced Churches.
  • Mega-Churches are now the “entertainment” with big lights, smoke machines and TV screens everywhere.
  • Most of these magazines have extremely small audiences but they calibrate their cost to serve the submarket.
  • What you allow into your life in terms of media is going to influence how your child sees life.
  • People are being made to feel insecure about some part of themselves so they will be more likely to buy a product!
  • “You are only a good person if you tow THIS ______ line.”
  • Should there be a law for fair wages? There shouldn’t be wages. If everyone pursued their VOCATION, the wage would be putting food in your childrens mouth.
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10:46  Father Robert J. DeLand Latest Statements regarding Father Robert J. DeLand from Catholic Diocese of Saginaw

Attorney: Case against Rev. Robert DeLand is false, investigation is ‘witch hunt’



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