How The RIGHT Is Selling Out Trump To The Impeachment Circus – The Mike Church Show

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    How The RIGHT Is Selling Out Trump To The Impeachment Circus – The Mike Church Show Corey Clark

How The RIGHT Is Selling Out Trump To The Impeachment Circus

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WATCH: Mike Church or Al Gore?! Mike Church with the PERFECT Al Gore impersonation on Wednesday’s Show. 


Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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  AUDIO: President Trump discussing whistleblower at private event “That’s close to a spy”

HEADLINE: Listen: Audio of Trump discussing whistleblower at private event: ‘That’s close to a spy’ by Eli Stokols

  • Donald Trump has played his “trump” card.
  HEADLINE: Hillary Clinton calls Trump a ‘clear and present danger’ to U.S. by Abbey Marshall

  • She calls him a ‘clear and present danger’ and a ‘corrupt human tornado’.








HEADLINE: Taking Out Joe Biden by Kimberley A. Strassel

  • Does anyone remember Nicholas Sandmann when that incident happened at the ProLife rally?
  • Do you remember how old he was at the time of the incident?
  • If you answered 16, you would be correct.
  • How old is Greta Thunberg?
  • If you answered 16 you would be correct.
  • We are told we cannot say anything about her but Sandmann was fair game. It was open season on that poor kid. We had grownups saying Nick has a “punchable” face.


  • What is going to happen here is the left can impeach Trump and destroy an insufficiently liberal front-runner.


Caller Jeff from Georgia – 

  • The movie Babylon A.D.
  • VIDEO: Official Trailer for Babylon A.D. 
  • Do we not live in a country were the flag stands for abortion, sodomy and other things. 
  • We are on a path to darkness.
  • FROM THE MIKE CHURCH SHOW CHATROOM: Temporal wealth built on fake, borrowed money.
  • The Supreme Purpose of Life = to love God
  • If you understand that one and do all you can to keep that, you will turn out just fine.
  • The purpose that ‘trumps’ everything is to love God.
  • To faithfully protect and defend his office. 
  • There are laws on the books that say that people that work for powerful politicians cannot use that relationship to make deals with foreign leaders. 

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   BACK TO HEADLINE: Taking Out Joe Biden by Kimberley A. Strassel

  • So is foreign aid just expected now from the US?
  • If the President smells a rat, he/she has a duty to call it out.
  • That isn’t ME saying this…


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1h44m Special Guest Matt Gaspers editor of Catholic Family News

Follow Matt Gaspers here: 

HEADLINE: The New Papolaters by Eric Simmons

  • “Who are the New Papolaters? They are those who believe that a Catholic should hang on every word of the current pontiff; accept his every public pronouncement as Gospel truth; and never criticize him, even slightly, in public.”
  • 7,000 copies of Treasure and Tradition

HEADLINE: De Mattei – Tu es Petrus: True devotion to the Chair of Saint Peter 

  • St. Peter was the ‘steward’ of the Church.
  • “The visible foundation, because the Church has a primary and invisible foundation which is Jesus Christ, of Whom, Peter is the Vicar. True devotion to the Chair of Peter is, under this aspect, devotion to the visibility of the Church, and constitutes, as Father Faber observers, an essential part of the Christian spiritual life.” 

Papal Encyclicals Online

  • Humanae Vitae July 25, 1968 Paul VI
  • It doesn’t matter the ‘intentions’ it matters what it produces.

HEADLINE: Burke and Schneider Issue “Clarification” on True Fidelity in Response to Critics by Matt Gaspers

  • “Peter does not need our adulation. Those who blindly and indiscriminately defend every decision of the Supreme Pontiff are those who most undermine the authority of the Holy See: they destroy, instead of strengthening its foundations”.
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  The BeeGees Super Medley Friday Morning Tradition 
2h25m  Mitter Chur relives the glory days of when BeeGees just got it’s start.



 Caller RB from Pennsylvania 

QUESTION: How do you sit through Heretical homilies?

Maniple – In earlier ages the maniple was called by various names: mappula, sudarium, mantile, fano, manuale, sestace, and manipulus , appellations which indicate to some extent its original purpose. Originally it was a cloth of fine quality to wipe away perspiration, or an ornamental handkerchief which was seldom put into actual use, but was generally carried in the hand as an ornament. Ornamental handkerchiefs or cloths of this kind were carried by people of rank in ordinary life. Ancient remains show many proofs of this: for instance, the mappa with which the consul or praetor gave the signal for the commencement of the games was a similar cloth. The name manipulus was given because it was folded together and carried in the left hand like a small bundle ( manipulus ).

Adoptionism – sometimes called dynamic monarchianism, is a nontrinitarian theological doctrine which holds that Jesus was adopted as the Son of God at his baptism, his resurrection, or his ascension.

2h37m   Caller A-aron 

  • Last week we went to see Archbishop Fulton Sheen.
  • We went to the Mass 3 Priests – 
  • I will not receive communion from a young 12 year old girl. 
  • There is no reason to have them up there.

HEADLINE: Illinois Bishop Defends Christ’s Real Presence by Bradley Eli  

  • The Passion by Mel Gibson

HEADLINE: Mel Gibson may be an alcoholic, a sedevacantist and an anti-Semite – but he has my sympathy by Stuart Reid

   Crusade Channel Monestary –

Karen Williams has been diagnosed with lung cancer it has matastised to her lymph nodes and brain.

  Cross Talk with Richard Barrett – host of The Barrett Brief 
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Written by: Corey Clark

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