If South Korea Can Host An Olympics They Can Play Stratego With North Koreans

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Mandeville, LA – Its Fat Tuesday in New Orleans and the Mike Church Show has the last day before Lent covered (with TWO Catholic air raid warning sirens) with Traditional tips on fasting and mortification. Michael Hichborn of The LePanto Institute joins Mike for his weekly spot as well.

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Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
6:10  Welcome to the Mike Church Show on February 13, 2018

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HEADLINE: They Couldn’t Even Defund NPR by Margaret Menge

  • President Trumps spending plan $4.4 TRILLION
  • Each congressman divided into the spending budget means they are each responsible for $80,224,299,65.42 billion
  • How hard is it to spend that kind of money? How hard is it to spend $10 million?….that you don’t have.
6:29 Father Lawrence Carney – The walking priest

Missouri’s ‘Walking Priest’ Starts New Religious Community

 HEADLINE: Ending the Reign of the Nuclear Monarchs by Stephen Beale


back to headline: NPR

  • The National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities were each funded to the tune of about $150 million annually by Republicans in Congress this year.


HEADLINE: Our National Debt And Government Spending Are A Moral Abomination by Natanael Blake

  • No one uses the word “sin” anymore
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2018 Olympics: 

  • US Olympic Athlete Brittany Bowe – lesbian yet wearing a rosary necklace
  • If you can host a winter Olympics, you can support your own damn army!

HEADLINE: Let the Koreans Take Care of the Koreas

  • 27,000 American troops
6:57  HEADLINE: Church Celebrates Transgender Pastor’s Transition With ‘Renaming’ Ceremony by Amanda Prestigiacomo

  • The revolt continues against the Catholic Church, now this is on a whole new level. This is now rebellion against God.
7:03 HEADLINE: The New Winter Olympics: praising gays and glamorizing murderous regimes while bashing America by Doug Mainwaring

  • Sodomite refuses to attend a White House visit
  • Brittany Bowe American speed skater LGBTQ supporter/loud and proud
7:05 Caller Ashley from Florida

  • Attending her 1st Latin Mass
  • Going through a conversion to the Catholic Church
  • Lots of people are making the treks over an hour to attend Latin Masses

This site has a list of Traditional Latin Masses Near You



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HEADLINE: Tips to look after your husband Home Economics Book 1950

  1. Have dinner ready
  2. Prepare yourself
  3. Clear away the clutter
  4. Prepare the children
  5. Minimize all noise
  6. Some don’ts
  7. Make him comfortable
  8. Listen to him
  9. Make the evening his
  10. The goal





HEADLINE: A Spiritually Meaningful Lent After Mardi Gras by Mary Cuff

  • Have you made your Lenten plans yet? Today is your last day.


  • Look at Lent as joyful mortification
  • Liturgically-minded lifestyle

2018 Roman Catholic Traditional Rite Calendar




HEADLINE: Escaping the Cross: The Ugliest Temptation by Fr. John A. Perricone 

  • Our Lord did not walk among us and then die on Calvary to save us from suffering, but to save us from sin.
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8:47 Welcome to the final segment of The Mike Church Show

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Special Guest: Michael Hichborn from the Lepanto Institute

@MichaelHichborn  @LepantoInst

  • Get behind me Satan

HEADLINE: Prominent Catholic Prelates Support German Publication of King Henry VIII’s Book Against Martin Luther on 500th Anniversary of Lutheran Revolt by Raymond de Souza, KM

  • King Henry pilgrimage on his knees
  • Irish Saints –
  • Save the Children, Care International etc intrinsic evil
  • Poverty Inc and CRS
  • Important distinction to be made: if you are just throwing money at a problem, you will never solve the problem
  • It takes the faith to solve the problem. Some of these places that are in absolute poverty is due to the governments inadequate use of money.
  • In South Africa teaching kids about ALL forms of contraception. (took a government grant)
  • International Conference on Population Control
  • The Supreme Court 1997ish (stop making these bills omnibus bills) Force votes line by line on abortion

HEADLINE: Student and her sticker allowed to return to Sacred Heart Greenwich by Emilie Munson

  • Article written by Michael Hichborn on St. Patrick
  • Where are the Bishops? They need to make a PUBLIC stance against these people that are going to Mass and claiming to be Catholic in public
  • Bishops are playing patty cake with the government
  • St Patrick’s writings to Coroticus
  • You can either serve man or God, you cannot serve both
  • New consecration ceremony in Poland
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus (beat the breast)
  • Interdiction = not quite excommunication but a remedy Bishops can employ. You would not be allowed to received the sacraments.

HEADLINE: Anti-Catholic Bigotry Stirred over Student’s Open Support for Abortion at Catholic School

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