Instead of Buying Greenland ‘Muricans Should Be Selling Their Memberships In The Union – The Mike Church Show

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    Instead of Buying Greenland ‘Muricans Should Be Selling Their Memberships In The Union – The Mike Church Show Corey Clark

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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  The Crusade Channel had its very first NFL Fantasy Football draft last night.

It went excellent! Thank you to everyone for participating. 

NOW…let the games begin!




HEADLINE: Bernie Sanders meets California fire victims, lays out Green New Deal by Valerie Volcovici & Sharon Bernstein

HEADLINE: Mind Your Manners, Says Edith Wharton by Peggy Noonan




HEADLINE: The brand that kicked off the portable music revolution is now a walking zombie by Mike Murphy 



HEADLINE: The 1519 Project: How Early Spanish Explorers Took Down A Mass-Murdering Indigenous Cult by Adam Mill

  • “After being driven out of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, Cortez led a frantic, fighting retreat through the mountain passes.”
  • Yes…Tenochtitlan! Not the NEW Tenochtitlan we know as NYC.
  • TRIVIA QUESTION: What were they on a mission to do?
  • TRIVIA ANSWER: To CONVERT the natives to Christianity.
  • The Spanish have arrived – the end of Apocalypto when the family is back together.


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  • Mitter Chur tells story about interaction w/ them on creating a new LIVE listening app for the Crusade Channel.
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49m HEADLINE: Education Is Speech: Why New York’s Attempts To Control Private Schools Are Unconstitutional by Phillip Hamburger

  • I keep telling you guys, we are only inches away from Facsim.
  • I think you are going to run out of Californians to infiltrate but think of the Declaration of Independence as SAFTEY measures if you will.
  • Look at what the Polish people did.

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 HEADLINE: Forget Annexing Greenland, Start Breaking Up America by Doug Brandow

Article VI of the Constitution – there is nothing in there about acquiring new territory.

  • No one expects NATO member Denmark to handover the island to a hostile power.

HEADLINE: Trump’s Deal for Denmark Wasn’t Deft–Or Daft by Patrick J. Buchanan 

  BREAKING NEWS WITH COREY CLARK – David H. Koch has died at the age of 79 it is the best online library for anything that has to do with history or libertarianism, you need to go to this library for references.

Another example – The Mises Institute run by Lew Rockwell




  • These people can only think in terms of cash. They can’t think outside of everything being based in some fiduciary transaction. There is no morality, there is no four final things, there is no heaven or hell, he who dies at the end of the day wins.
  • The article circle shows an intelligent design. A sphere is perfect for creatures to inhabit. It has all the ingredients for LIFE cycles!
  • There is no such entity as a fossil fuel. Complex hydrocarbons could not have come from organic dinosaur sources.
  • QUESTION: What does DNA stand for? 
  • If I were you Atheists, I would stop with my experiment. 
  • We discovered that a part of the childs DNA remains in the mother!
  • They aren’t static, they have the ability to change.
  • DNA is dynamic.
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  BeeGees Super Music Medley  
















Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

Follow Brother Andre Marie here: @Brother_Andre


The Churches Four Marks – theme of the St. Benedict Conference for October

Carl Phillips – first time speaker 

Sister Mary Peter – Fundamentals of the 4 Marks

Confidence in Christ Victory

Charles Coulombe – Apostolic Succession With Our Direct Link To God

Mike Church – The Hail Mary In Todays Sports

Brother Andre Marie – 

Joseph C Doyle – Catholicity in Christendom 

LOTS of comradely and celebration in between talks as always.

  • Masses will be off campus due to current circumstances. The schedule works, St. Thomas Acquinus College from our driveway to theirs not even 30 minutes.


  • The Pioneer Valley – it is a beautiful area, lots of rolling hills and old buildings.
  • Dwight L Moody the famous protestant whom Billy Graham modeled himself after, this was his land previously.
  • The old chapel there is being worked on to baptize it Catholic, so to speak. It is going to be a lovely little place to attend and celebrate Mass.
  • Mike tells story of the bells in Chavagnes France.
  • Bells in a Catholic Church are a big deal!
  • There is a blessing for bells that can be done by a simple Priest. There are certain things that are still reserved for the Bishop. Consecrating a chalice and monstrance are still reserved for Bishops.
  • I am NOT an expert in this field so this is the extent of my knowledge on this.

HEADLINE: Smoke plunges Sao Paulo into sudden darkness, baffling the Western Hemisphere’s largest city by Terrence McCoy

HEADLINE: Global worry over Amazon fires escalates; Bolsonaro defiant by Marcelo Silva de Sousa

  • Is it a coincidence that it is in darkness when the Amazon Synod is about to begin?
  • QUESTION: What is the Amazonian Synod? 
  • Brother Andre answers – 


HEADLINE: Synod for the Amazon: ‘Instrumentum Laboris’ released by Christiane Murray and Linda Bordoni

HEADLINE: Why Pope Francis Hasn’t Visited Argentina by George Neumayr

The Saturday after the Feast of the Sacred Heart – 


A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

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Written by: Corey Clark

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