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16m Article 3 Section III of the Constitution 

Treason Against the United States

  • What was the intent of opening the Southern border of the United States?
  • The Biden Regime was dropping leaflets in other countries to make their way to America that the border was open.
  • They need to fill their cities and states back up that the white people have been leaving in droves. 
  • Like California, like New York and so on.
  • You show up and you are admitted.
  • QUESTION: What is the 2nd thing you need?
  • ANSWER: Willfully commit the act.
  • They have motive, the ability and then they committed the act.
  • The Mayor of Athens had a press conference yesterday.
  • He blamed Trump, he stood behind his ‘sanctuary city’ status and it didn’t go well for him.
  • Where are all the Christian Nationalist?
  • Where are all the White Supremacist?
  • Sanctuary City Map –
  HEADLINE: Nord Stream: Denmark closes investigation into pipeline blast by Laura Gozzi 

  • Authorities concluded the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines had been “sabotaged” in September 2022 – but said there was no basis for pursuing a criminal case.
27m Louisiana News

HEADLINE: Bill allowing permitless concealed carry in Louisiana heads to the governor’s desk for signature by Sara Cline 

  • The Constitution Carry goes into effect on July 4th.
  • How do you deal w/ a society that is spiraling out of control?
  • After years of GOP-led efforts for permitless concealed carry, the bill is poised to become law with Gov. Jeff Landry signaling that he plans to sign the legislation. Upon the Republican’s signature, Louisiana would become the 28th state that allows people to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, according to the U.S. Concealed Carry Association. However, it would be only one of a handful of states where the law would apply to those as young as 18.













Michelle Klann – Maricopa County Board of Supervisors just ran out of a public meeting when they were served the following: 

  • I’m here today to put you on public notice and to inform you that you are not our elected officials. 
  • None of you have never signed an oath to the Republic of Arizona.  
  • Instead, you have signed an oath of office to a foreign corporation which means this is an act insurrection.   
  • You do not have a proper bond carrying surety for your actions to we the people.
  • Due to all the voter fraud, you have never been formally voted in.  
  • Acting as if you have any authority over the people is a direct act of treason.
  • Today we, the body sovereign are presenting you each a notice of liability and opportunity to cure.  The fine is $1.75 million per claim and there are 12 signatures which means you are each personally liable for $21 million.  If you do not resign in 3 days you will be presented with a writ quo warrento , an a waiver of tort.  If you do not rebut these truths and you remain in office, We will be notifying the military, and your act of treason will be grounds for an immediate military tribunal. 
  • I don’t need to tell you the penalties for treason.
  • We the body sovereign, hereby command you to resign within three days or else face the consequence.    
  • I’m also here today to hand you this jump drive, which contains a 5000 page document notifying you of all the dangers of the Covid vaccine and the poison in the water to name a few. 
  • These are high crimes and acts against humanity. If you cover up high crimes, you will be held guilty for committing acts against humanity. 
  • Therefore I hereby command you to send a public broadcast to every resident in Maricopa county notifying them of these dangers within the next three days or you will be in direct violation and derelict of your supposed of duty, making you even more accountable for your actions.
  • Notice to agent is notice to principal.
  • You have been formally served on record.
  • Founders are Maureen Steele and Miki Klann.
  • Their mission – is to unite all free men and women in the common cause of rebirthing a free nation and release from the clutches of tyranny a nation governed by the people and for the people.  In this collective responsibility, we pick up our pens and write a new chapter of hope, liberty, and positive change on a global scale.
  • The importation of 9 million is the same as paying mercenaries. 
  • I think people should understand this and think about this.
  • These people really hate us and they really are making war against us.
  • The Covington Compacts time has come – Join us in our next Congress in Covington, LA.
  • You make it to where our children are being murdered like this…real men will stand up.
  • Laken Riley has exposed that even in small cities this can happen.
  • If you have a small city, even a small city, if it is run by Democrats…it will fall to crime.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Athens Mayor Girtz Press Conference on Laken Riley Gets heckled and gets called a liar, told he is the one that killed Laken and he has blood on his hands.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jesse Watters on Correlation b/w Illegal Immigration and CrimeAthens Mayor says there’s no correlation b/c illegal immigration and crime, but that’s b/c sanctuary cities don’t report illegal alien crime to the FBI and most of the time, migrants are labelled as white. 

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Restoring God To The Top Of The Order

Japanese Empire

  • The people of Japan treated him as the Holy Emperor.
  • The people of Japan by and large were pretty peaceful. 
  • Why wouldn’t you want a universal in the form of GOD to head up all things government?
  • The Universal God – He created all things, He has ultimate power over all so it makes perfect sense. 
  • Think in terms of universal when you think about ordering a civilization. 
  • The Romans had Caesar, the Jews had Yahweh. 
  • The desire to know, love and serve God w/ all our hearts, minds, body and soul is there, it is already on your soul.
  • Human is the universal.
  • To fix this, to restore God at the top of the order.
  • Then the Commandments under that.
  • You don’t have to have a Catholic monarch but putting God at the top is a must.
  • There is no solution w/o God.
  • Because of the age of fake science, we don’t believe in miracles anymore.
1h19m AUDIO/VIDEO: Athens Mayor Girtz Press Conference – Human Dignity – 2019 was not that long ago, the dynamic we had the President of the United States speaking the most vile terms about people that were foreign born.

  • Donald Trump did not say anything bad about foreign born people.
  • Do you think that one criminal is the only one that knows that Clarke county in GA is a sanctuary county?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Athens Mayor Girtz Press Conference – Immigration and Crime – I caution against conflating immigration and crime the data demonstrates the two are not related. This is my 18th year as public policy maker. My work has overlapped w/ 4 presidencies and all have failed to reach agreement on how to handle immigration. 

  • If that illegal doesn’t enter this country, that young girl, Laken Riley, would still be alive.
  • That is a fact. 
  • She wouldn’t have been murdered if he didn’t enter this country illegally.
  • Would you take mean Trump Tweets over this young girl being murdered?
  • We should ask Laken’s parents if they would prefer Trumps mean Tweets over their daughters life.
1h28m AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Briefing – Assault Weapons – We’re going to ban all assault weapons and high-capacity magazines next time around.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Briefing – Police Reform – I’m going to continue to call on Congress to pass the George Floyd Policing and Justice act, to make police reform the law of the land.

  • What does George Floyd have to do w/ what is going on in our country today Sir?
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  HEADLINE: Supreme Court sets April arguments over whether Trump can be prosecuted for election interference by Mark Sherman

  • Democrats are terrified everywhere.
  • If they are afraid they will lose in Illinois, it is bad for them.
1h50m The US, The UK and Israel 

  • They are the only 3 countries that have the capabilities to blow up Nord Stream.

HEADLINE: Nord Stream: Denmark closes investigation into pipeline blast by Laura Gozzi

HEADLINE: Houthis deny targeting underwater cables amid marine disaster warning by Patrick Wintour

  • Israeli media reports attributed the damage to Houthi actions, but Yemen’s Houthi-controlled communications ministry denied involvement.
  • Seacom has confirmed that its cable between Egypt and Kenya was severed on 24 February and it is investigating. Some of these lines are in relatively shallow water depths of as little as 300ft, where they could be accessible to divers.
  • These guys can barely swim and they want us to believe they dove down and sabotaged communications cables?
1h58m AUDIO/VIDEO: Democrat Activist Reverend (Maxine Waters Nephew) on Going MAGA and Leaving the Dem PartyYou know black people used to be Republicans until right after the Great Depression. We’ve ridden this donkey as far as it can take us, it’s dead and I’m ready to get on a great big African elephant. We have to remember who Joe Biden is, he was mentored by people like Byrd. How many more generations are we going to sacrifice at the Democratic altar when they continue to treat us as an after thought. When white working class and black working class stick together, there is nothing that can stop us.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing – Ukraine Lost Ground

Karine Jean-Pierre – Ukraine lost ground on the battlefield and it is because of congressional inaction. They laid it out for them. The CIA director was clear, and we need to move forward on this.

  • The Ukrainian guys are losing because of the United States Congress?
  • When did Congress declare war against Russia?
  • When did the US commit to sending troops to Ukraine?
  • How is it the fault of our Congress that Ukraine is losing?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Chuck Schumer on UkraineCongress has a chance to ensure Putin is not victorious. If our allies see we don’t support our ally Ukraine, they will know they cannot depend on America. If other countries see the US turn away from a challenge like this…..If we turn away from Ukraine, the American people and America will pay the price. It’s a moment, history is looking at us.

  • So you are saying if we don’t print more money, give it to the Defense contractors, enemies all over the world will be ‘emboldened’?
  • Why don’t these contractors do it out of the kindness of their heart?
  • Why don’t they do it for love of country?
  • Do you think when the Vandals from Germania got to Rome, when they got there they said hey this coliseum is cool so maybe we shouldn’t kill them we should acclimate with them and become Roman?!
  • If the Russians hated us so much, why haven’t they attacked or invaded already?
  • It can’t be that hard look how many Mexicans have come in.
  • Look how many Chinese have come in.
  • Our leaders don’t know how to lead, they know cheating, stealing and making war.
  • They know nothing else. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt Gaetz on Hunter Biden TestimonyIt is a mirage to believe that Hunter Biden was engaged in international business. This was a bribe masquerading as an international business transaction. 


HEADLINE: Top lawmakers strike funding deal, potentially averting weekend shutdown via Inside Congress Live

  • I say to this…shut this mother down.
  • They don’t want American sheeple to figure out if they shut the whole damn thing down for a month NO ONE WOULD EVEN NOTICE!
  • Did you know for example, before A/C was invented, Congress would only meet for about 6 months out of the year primarily in the Fall and Spring.
  • It was too cold in the Winter and too hot in the Summer.
2h38m Georgia & Sanctuary Cities

  • Is it legal for an illegal to rent an apartment or home?
  • You don’t have to be a law maker to do this.
  • You can easily say – Stop Doing Work With Illegals.
  • How many Americans have to die?
  • The legislature can pass a simple resolution, calling on citizens to stop doing business w/ illegals. 
  • This all started b/c greedy businessmen didn’t want to pay living wages to Americans so they would hire illegals and pay them cash.
  • God does not approve of denying a man a living wage.












Mahgdalen Rose – Political Correspondent 

Ronna McDaniels – leaving now or later?

  • She is staying on until after Super Tuesday.
  • There will be a race, Lara Trump officially put in her hat for that position.
  • She is trying to become co-chair.
  • If you have a Trump at the top of the RNC, she will have equal power.
  • She worked for Inside Edition for a few years but that is all the ‘experience’ she has.
  • He wants absolute loyalty and that is what is important to Trump.
  • Kelly Ann Conway – seems to not want to join the Trump team in this aspect.
  • He could reach out to Steve Bannon but it wasn’t helpful last time.
  • Even now post Ohio, we still don’t have a game plan on how to combat that.
  • More young women come to the side of whoever wants to keep abortion on the field.
  • He needs to say directly to the YOUNG people – I won’t draft you into any wars or conscript you to making ammunitions. 
  • My generation doesn’t believe we should be in any war at this point.
  • The youth are easier to sway than their parents.
  • I personally would like to see Rand Paul but this position is a ‘backroom’ position.
  • You can’t have someone w/ real ethics anymore there.
  • Unfortunatley that seems to be Lindsey Graham.
  • Trump is now 6-0!
  • Why is Nikki still hanging around?
  • Nikki can have a conversation w/ a mirror.
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