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27m YMCA

  • Does anyone know what the C stands for in YMCA?

HEADLINE: Can Weimar America Save Itself? by Rod Dreher

  • Christian that is what the C used to stand for in YMCA.
  • A grown man, who was aroused, was using the YMCA girls locker room.
  • He was allowed in the women’s locker room b/c he identifies as a woman.
  • Calvin Klein ad – in 1992 w/ Mark Wahlburg is in vs what the new Calvin Klein ad shows.
41m HEADLINE: Harvard Medical School to offer course in giving healthcare to LGBTQIA+ ‘infants’ by Alex Timothy 

  • This is supposed to be the most elite medical training in the United States.
  • Caring for patients w/ diverse sexual orientations – that is the name of the course.
  • How does one determine the sexual orientation of a baby that cannot speak?
  • If you make the distinction before they can speak wouldn’t you run the risk of ‘miss-gendering’ the infant?
  • See how insane all of this is?
  • You can’t just ‘let them have universities’ because our doctors have to attend university to get a degree right? Well you have to visit a doctor at some point in your life. 
  • What the hell is ‘disconscious’ racism?
  • It doesn’t matter at what lens power you look at a grain of salt.
  • It is still a grain of salt.

HEADLINE: Can Weimar America Save Itself? by Rod Dreher

  • If you have this kind of institutional corruption it will collapse. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rebecca Phillips tells story of here Santee YMCA visit it allows naked man to use women’s locker room with underage girls.

  • The guy in the YMCA was a white male.
  • Where was AOC screaming about #ToxicMasculinity? 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Klaus Schwabis literally telling us what’s going to happen next, a major world-wide cyber attack.

  • He is starting to sound now, like the great character actor Kenneth Mars from Young Frankenstein. 

HEADLINE: Multiple Biden Officials; Lawmakers From Both Parties Set to Attend WEF Meeting Next Week by Debra Heine 

  • Why is the FBI director Chris Wray attending the WEF?
  • You can look at the names of representatives going and know why they are going? 
  • TRIVIA QUESTION: In what legislative body does the US invest the power of foreign affairs?
  • TRIVIA ANSWER: The Senate
  • Treaties are the primary method of conduction affairs w/ foreign nations. 
1h35m HEADLINE: Why the fake CDC investigation into vaccine-induced strokes in people 65+ is a limited hangout… by Toby Rogers 

Dr Matthew Crawford – he believes that the DOD has gone in and cooked the books on the medical data.

HEADLINE: CDC and FDA Identify Preliminary COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Signal for Persons Aged 65 Years and Older via the US Food & Drug Administration 

  • 56% of Americans claim they know someone that has been adversely effected by the COVID vaccine. 
  • There is no control group. The CDC is comparing strokes 0-21 days after injection vs. 22-42 days after injection. Surely they already know that strokes are high in both time periods — because once the genetically modified mRNA hijacks your cells to produce toxic spike proteins, that process can continue for months (or possibly longer). The only proper comparison group is the unvaccinated population but the CDC will never run that analysis because of what it would reveal.
  • 3 COVID Demands: 
  1. All Covid-19 shots must be withdrawn from the market immediately and permanently. (Existing medicines, not vaccines, are safe and effective at preventing and treating Covid.)
  2. Congress must repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and the PREP Act so that vaccine manufacturers can once again be sued for harms. 
  3. The U.S. must permanently withdraw from the World Health Organization and the CDC must be stripped of any oversight role in connection with vaccines.
  JUST IN – WEF Klaus Schwab and George Soros BOTH regret they will NOT be attending the forum that starts today.

  • This is Schwab’s DEAL it is his baby, how can he not attend?
  • Something is up here.
  HEADLINE: House Republicans prepare emergency plan for breaching debt limit by Jeff Stein, Leigh Ann Caldwell and Theodoric Meyer

  • This is where the GOP can truly make a stand.
  • STOP the money train.
  • They can stop funding for the Build Back Better plan and the 187,000 IRS agents.
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Cardiologist Prof Abdullah Alabdulgadercalls for suspension of mRNA jab b/c of cardiac harm concerns. 
2h15m Rob Schneider Twitter – The narrative has collapsed. COVID 19 vaccine not only doesn’t work, it is killing people. The MSM can no longer maintain willful ignorance. I predict even the captured and corrupt US regulatory agencies FDA and CDC will be forced to pull the experimental gene therapy.

  • Lots of people die each year from the flu.
  • There is a vaccine for it each and every year though.
  • ILI – influenza like illnesses
  • Remember Carhart forced all their employees to get the jab or lose your job?
  • American Airlines and other such airlines told pilots get the jab or never fly again.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Ron Johnson discussing COVIDThe vaccines were not safe or effective as we hoped and prayed they would be. They are in a complete state of denial. Too many people have died and no one wants to admit they were wrong due to those ramifications. 

  • This is a war w/ the blessing of its ruling elite on its citizens.
  • World War I and those men responsible for starting World War II – that is the only thing bigger than this.


  • The Lost Kitchen – restauranteur Erin French 
  • She only opens during the summer months b/c she refuses to cook out of season items.
  • She only cooks w/ things grown locally.
  • Her little restaurant is in Freedom Maine.
  • She also saved her local Post Office by refusing reservations online and only accepting POSTCARD reservations. 
  • Just by doing that she created enough traffic for the post office to remain open.
2h45m AUDIO/VIDEO: CNN Jake TapperI’m sorry but Biden’s garage looks like a mess, that does not look like what a secure location would be.
  ADUIO/VIDEO: Adam Schiff on Biden’s classified documentsThe approach was very different in the sense that it looks as far as we can tell that it was inadvertent these documents were in these locations so this is a very different matter.

  • So because he “inadvertently” had them it should just be swept under the rug according to Adam Schiff.
  • In November of 2022 so that is 5 years now, suddenly these documents are discovered? 
  • They are laying around unsecured in Biden’s garage.
  • Who discovered these documents? 
  • Was Hunter having a garage crack party and someone stumbled upon them?
2h53m AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden speaking at Ebenezer Church in AtlantaI may be a practicing Catholic but I used to attend 7:30 Mass every morning in high school before I went to the black church, no joke.

  • He just scandalized every single devout Catholic.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden speaking at Ebenezer Church in Atlantato a young girl in the crowd – What’s your name honey? It’s good to see you, maybe I can have a picture w/ you before I leave okay?



HEADLINE: Young sacrifice belief in God on altar of Satanism by Gabriella Swerling 

  • Yet while the macabre occult rituals, virgin sacrifices, chalices of blood and belief in the actual Devil are a thing of the past, Satanism is luring increasing numbers of young people disillusioned with “outdated” and “dogmatic” traditional religions to join its fold by offering an “alternative” to “stuffy”, traditional faiths. 
  • The nicer Christianity becomes, the more inclusive, the worse it gets for the human race.
  • When Catholicism leaves the field of battle, the world is done/
  • Our human souls have 2 powers that an animal soul doesn’t.
  • Trees, blades of grass…all of creation, anything ORGANIC has a soul.
  • There are some people have tattoos as part of their religion or ancestry. 
  • Whether they admit it or not, your skin was given to you by God. 
  4 Sins that Cry out to Heaven for Vengeance 

  1. Murder
  2. Sodomy
  3. Oppression of the poor, especially widows and children
  4. Defrauding workers of their wages
  HEADLINE: Science! Blessed be Thy Name by Jordan Henderson 
  HEADLINE: ‘Lunatic Farmer’ Joel Salatin: ‘You Cannot Have Freedom Without Participation’ by Samantha Strayer 
  JUST IN – The White House has commented their are NO visitor logs for the Wilmington House. 
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