How To Protect Our Boys From The Soy Cult’s Tofu-Tactics – Part I

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How To Protect Our Boys From The Soy Cult’s Tofu-Tactics – Part I

Soy Boy Series: Introduction, The Soy Cult’s Tofu-Tactics

By: Kennedy Hall

Our culture suffers from a serious plague that is damaging the fabric of everything from the family to the Church.  This plague is present in various forms, and all of us have experienced it. In some cases, we have contributed to it as well – I know I have.  The plague I am talking about is called effeminacy

What our anticulture of death wants is a bunch of physical males who morally and spiritually resemble a lump of bean curd; no substance, no flavour, no power.  In a word, our culture wants a Soy Boy.

Now, the word effeminacy has nothing to do with femininity.  Femininity and masculinity are both moral and spiritual perfections, when properly understood.  Effeminacy, however, is a perversion or privation of masculinity; meaning when masculinity is warped or stifled in men, they become effeminate.

In essence, to be effeminate to to be soft.  I do not mean to say soft in the way we understand motherly tenderness, but instead soft like limp noodles or bowl of jello.  Men are not supposed to be soft. No matter our stature or occupation, we are meant to be hardened and weathered, equipped to fight.  Ancient cultures understood this better, even the morally problematic ones. If you take a look at the Ancient Greeks, although they had religious and moral defects, they understood that a man should be sharpened in body and soul.

Our society is antimasculine.  Men are labeled as “toxic” for just being men, and normal behaviour in young boys is often seen as disordered as compared to their female counterparts.  Unfortunately, so many have never seen a real man, that when men are called to better themselves, or when women look for a spouse, they have no standard to which they might appeal.

Ask an average person what a man should be.  Any true answer would probably be politically incorrect, and any PC answer would probably just be superficial.

Should we expect men to be physically strong?  Should they provide for their families? Should they be religious, and if so how?  What does it mean for a man to lead his family, and can we even say men should lead their families?  These and other questions are not easily answered if you follow the culture’s playbook.  

It might be helpful for us to use an analogy.  Our culture wishes to strip men of masculinity, and there is definitely no room for a truly Catholic man, which is the manliest type of man.  What our anticulture of death wants is a bunch of physical males who morally and spiritually resemble a lump of bean curd; no substance, no flavour, no power.  In a word, our culture wants a Soy Boy.

Soy products are almost always used as imitation products.  There are things like soy-sauce and edamame that are by no means meant to imitate something they are not.  But, in our society soy is for soy-milk and vegetarian substitutes. It is also for pretentious Starbucks drinks that are wildly overpriced.  Soy is an imitation of something legitimate and wholesome. Simply put, there is no soy teat, no soy utter, and no soy breast; therefore, there is no soy “milk”.  Now, if you are someone with a dairy allergy who has become upset at this due to your use of soy “milk”, relax, it is an analogy, and frankly, stop being so soy

The Crusade Channel is a #Neversoy zone.  Thus, it is my hope that we can help you identify where your life has been affected by the various tofu-tactics.  We have become so comfortable in our moral and spiritual degeneracy over time, that even the best of us need a good wake-up call every once in a while.  Over a series of articles we will dive into this topic. By the end, we will be able to identify the soy among us, and the soy within us. Furthermore, we will be equipped to change our habits and form ourselves into a true man of Tradition, i.e. the Anti-Soy.

Stay tuned for our next article on how to identify the soy that walk among us.

Part I of III

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Kennedy Hall is a Catholic High School teacher, rugby coach, and writer on Catholic topics. He has written for the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, The Meaning of Catholic and the Fatima Center. He French Immersion and also speaks Spanish and Italian. Kennedy has spoken at various youth events, as well as on the topic of true Catholic masculinity. He has a passion for the Traditional Latin Mass and the restoration of traditional piety. A prodigal son, he was brought back into the Church with the help of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and prays for the day that all men depend on the Blessed Mother. He lives with his wife and 4 children in Stratford, Ontario. Follow him @kennedyhall.

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