In today’s lives of the saints and martyrs, the Patroness of Paris

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Winchester, VA – Born around the year 420 in Nanterre, France, Genevieve was a peasant girl who realized her vocation early and at the tender age of 15, became a nun. She lived with her godmother in Paris after the deaths of her parents and developed a reputation for piety, austerity, and acts of charity. Her bodily mortifications were so intense that after 30 years her religious superiors asked her to reduce them. She was blessed with mystical experiences such as visions and prophecies. Genevieve was not without her enemies however, who conspired to drown her in a lake. She was appointed by the Bishop of Paris to oversee the welfare of the local consecrated virgins and before the attack of Attila the Hun in 451, she persuaded the panicked Parisians not to evacuate, but instead to turn to prayer. Attila, notably turned his troops away from Parish and towards Orleans instead. Genevieve erected a small chapel to St. Denis, which was a place of pilgrimage in the 5th and 6th centuries. She died sometime between 502 and 512 in Paris, at an abbey founded by Clovis I as a place for her to serve the Church. St. Genevieve is the Patron of Paris. St. Genevieve, pray for us!

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Written by: Jennifer Snow

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