Institutionalized Surrogate Parenthood Is a Result of Our Moral Decline


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From today’s Mike Church Show.  A letter was written to Rod Dreher of AmConMag yesterday in response to a “Cops Can’t Be Our Saviours” post.  There is nothing wrong with solidarity in our community, but when surrogate parenthood is institutionalized there is something amiss.

As Mike points out in today’s Pile of Prep, “a letter writer… muses about the super-abundance of duty transfer that spoiled rotten, petulant ‘Muricans are heaping upon two institutions: cops and teachers. Why? Because over 50% of all children born today are born as bastards.”

From the letter: “All of these issues are intertwined. The lack of community creates a dearth of social support structures that we used to be able to depend on, so people start leaning on institutions that were never meant to provide that type of support, and those institutions bend and creak and eventually will break because of it.”

Written by: Audrey Sutton

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