Its Not The Content of Your Character, It IS The Color of Your “Whiteness” That Matters

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Its Not The Content of Your Character, It IS The Color of Your “Whiteness” That Matters

by Mike Church

A frequent correspondent of mine emails me of her daughter’s latest struggles in the New Tenochtitlan “public school system”.

Hi Mr. Church.  My daughter teaches in a very high needs school district in upstate New York. She teaches first grade. I think that she gets more emotionally exhausted than physically exhausted. The stories she tells and the lives some of her students live would break your heart!  Last Friday she had to attend a “tolerance and checking your biases” training. My daughter found out that she is extremely privileged. WHY you ask? Well, she is a heterosexual white woman in a heterosexual relationship and does not have to worry about being able to have children. She is considered CIS. And also, she grew up in a 2 parent household. She also had to identify her pronouns and wear them on her jacket.  Now, just being normal is now privilege.   Regards, A.

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I have redacted her name and made a few changes to protect her daughter’s identity, heaven forfend the Woke SS should discover that someone is thinking outside the hive’s approved pedantry. Pedantry seems to have become the substitute for actual intelligence.

n. The ostentatious display of academic knowledge, or undue attention paid to minor details or formal rules.
n. An instance of pedantic behavior.
n. The manners, acts, or character of a pedant; the overrating of mere knowledge, especially of matters of learning which are really of minor importance; also, ostentatious or inappropriate display of learning.

That pretty much sums up “woke” now doesn’t it?

It is just the possession of, like, you know, “knowledge” and then you use it to like, act all knowledge-y about like, gender and stuff.

The tyrants who have been insisting that all they wanted was to be judged “by the content of their character not the color of their skin” now use skin color as the sole criteria for determining the evil someone is thinking of committing because of their skin color. Think I’m going a bit off the deep end on that, check this out: the two young men accused of racially harassing 4 young black girls just happen to be of Asian stock but that doesn’t matter because they’re “acting white”.

In the New Jersey incident, the heritage or skin color of the boys suspected of the assault doesn’t matter. What matters is that they were participating in this pattern and thus enacting whiteness in a very traditional way.

This woke new world of ours is now making up psychological profiles of people based solely on their race and then suggesting what can be done to mitigate the problem. They won’t say it just yet, give ’em time, but I will: they’re building Guillotines and scaffolds they can wheel out into Times Square and start the “reparations”. To coin a phrase from a recent film on the subject “Get Out” while you still can.


Written by: MikeChurch

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