More Emails Leaked, and the Lies Continue

today10/14/2016 27

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Mandeville, LA – As heard on today’s Mike Church Show:

Do we have a moral obligation to vote against Hillary Clinton?

The depth of the deception continues.  The website Zero Hedge just reported Part 7 of the Podesta Emails.

From the piece:

In one email chain Brian Fallon writes in preparation for the possibility that the State Department may acknowledge as soon as today that there were 16 Sid [Blumenthal] emails missing from the 55k pages of material produced by HRC.

“On-the-record: ‘Hillary Clinton has turned over 55,000 pages of materials to the State Department, including all emails in her possession from Mr. Blumenthal’,” Fallon notes.

“Off-record: If pressed on whether we are essentially admitting the possibility that she deleted some emails: Look, we do not know what these materials are, or where they came from. Just take a look at them: many of the documents are not even formatted as emails. For all we know, it could be that, in the course of reproducing his emails after his account was hacked, Sid misremembered which memos he actually forwarded to her and which he did not.”


Written by: Audrey Sutton

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