Renault – The New Pre-Teen Homo Hooptie Promoted by YouTube

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Renault – The New Pre-Teen Homo Hooptie

by Mike Church

Add Renault to the Sodomites for Profit LGBTQ zeitgeist. Just watch (warning NSFC).

Now little girls who want a Renault of their own just need to find a dysphoria suffering introvert female and help turn each other into “married” lesbians with fatherless children. The fact that French hipsters can be sold on an automobile by the manufacturers shameless embrace of female sodomy and heaven knows what sinful treachery was used to create the child. I’ve warned for almost 3 years now that… 

The demons are ascendent, they’ve come for the children and they won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Who speaks up for the kids anymore and demands that they not be turned into sex objects!? That the beauty of having a True friend for life necessitates, ultimately, “hooking up” and committing mortal sin!? Who are these sickos who conspire with Moloch to create this garbage and then enlist YouBoob to spread it?

My friend Steve Cunningham’s Sensus Fidelium channel was de-monetized by YouBoob because of the content of his CATHOLIC sermons! Yet YouBoob is taking cash money to air what amounts to teenage voyeur porn!?






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Written by: MikeChurch

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I don’t understand how the short gay porn commercial sells cars. It was actually sickening to watch. I must be getting old (37) and out of touch.

Thanks for the 5 year anniversary show, Mike, and providing the only radio network that speaks the truth about what this behavior is doing to our children and why.

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