Before We Recorded Cats Walking Across Piano Keys And Called It Music, with Michael Kurek

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Michael Kurek

American composer and Tennessee Laureate

Author of Adventures in Great Music

Latest CD – Symphony No 2 – Tales from the Realm of Faerie 

HOST Catholic Adventures in GREAT Music – show aired only on the Crusade Channel

  • Why doesn’t anyone know about these works?
  • They have been suppressed b/c they went to Germany to take lessons then came back and composed.
  • The people here claimed they didn’t learn it hear so it wasn’t American.
  • George Whitefield Chadwick 
  • John Knowles Paine
  • Edward MacDowell
  • Charles Tomlinson Griffes 
  • Life of Washington book by Mike Church 

AUDIO/VIDEO: John Knowles Paine – Mass in D-minor 

  • Glen Campbell – Jimmy Web song and the chords the remarkable harmonies that are so different than other country tunes.
  • Sanctified Imagination
  • Eagles – Seven Bridges Road
  • Again I don’t want to sound like a know it all but – that is from in early American Sacred Harp Singing and the hymnody, like Amazing Grace, they were harmonized indifferently than Bach b/c if one goes up one must go up or downward. 
  • This is called Naturally parallelism – together up or down but comes straight from American Hymnody. 
  • Parallel Organdom sing in 5ths so it does ultimately come from Gregorian Chant.
  • There is a heritage. 
  • We have gotten worse in our craft and dumbed everything down.
  • No one seems to be doing things like the Pieta or paint like Leonardo.
  • We have sort of lost the beauty and true masters of their crafts. 

HEADLINE: Celebrated composer and Vanderbilt professor emeritus Michael Kurek named composer laureate of Tennessee by Vanderbilt University

  • Johnny Williams – became John Williams
  • Adam 12 TV show
  • QUESTION: Is the theme of Jaws a rip off of anything?
  • ANSWER: Yes if you listen to New World Symphony – Dvorak 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dvorak – New World Symphony full 

  • In America they are mostly modernist that do A-tonal music which means it doesn’t have a HOME note – 19th century.
  • Crusade Max Exclusive – Classical Music for Beginners?