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Mike Church Show-Live! Talk Radio-Is It Late Or Still Great? with KV Turley

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    Mike Church Show-Live! Talk Radio-Is It Late Or Still Great? with KV Turley Mike Church

KV Turley w/ Archangel Radio in Alabama

QUESTION: How do you continue to stay on air after all these years?

ANSWER: Entertain, Entertain and Entertain

  • I came one host after Sean Hannity at that radio station.
  • You can’t see the hand movements and eye squinting on radio.
  • You can’t use any of those gimmicks so to speak w/ radio.
  • What are basic rules you pass onto people interested in basic radio.
  • Assume your audience knows NOTHING.
  • You assume this so you can adequately inform them.
  • Why do I use the RE 20 and will never use anything else?
  • Learn mic technic – 

What is your take on the industry today?

  • If you have 50% of your audience hate it and 50% love it, you have done your job.
  • I am willing to state something and not change my mind on it.
  • You can’t invent personality – that is intangible. I can’t teach personality.
  • If you play a character that character might get old.
  • The Bob and Sherry Show – their key to survival is no matter who buys the station they adapt.
  • The Beatles Let It Be album – there is a quote on there that they wanted to bring the atmosphere of a live recording to a record b/c there was nothing like the LIVE versions.
  • Kinda like Broadway vs Movies
  • You can’t teach it, tenacity. 
  • You can’t teach that either, the desire and commitment to do it right, to get it right to have your audience love your show.
  • Back in the day they picked a vocation and stuck with it for life.
  • It requires a commitment to your craft.
  • We know this in the Catholic realm as a VOCATION.
  • You dig in through good times and bad times.

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