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Parrott Talk-“Indiana Come On Down! You’re The Next Contestant On Steal The Kids!”

micMike Parrotttoday02/22/2024 36

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    Parrott Talk-“Indiana Come On Down! You’re The Next Contestant On Steal The Kids!” Mike Parrott

The ruby red conservative state of Indiana is the latest state to put transgender rights over parental rights.  Jeremy and Mary Cox are fighting the Indiana Department of Child Services for the right to raise their son as they see fit.  IDC took their son because they refused to call him by his preferred pronouns and transgender name.  IDC said that the Cox family were abusing their son but not affirming his choice, which a court cleared the Cox family of any abuse.  Despite the vindication, the state still refuses to release their son back to them.  Mike Parrott reveals why in even so called conservative states this continues to happen.  He exposes the so called conservative leader and their lack of actions to hold their agencies accountable. Mike exposes the communist and Marxist tactics that are used by the state to destroy the family and to force compliance from their “citizens” Mike also reveals that parents need to do more than just make testimonial videos and he reveals what parents need to do stand up.  Because transgender rights, especially when it involves a minor, does not come before parental rights.  If states continue to do this, then eventually there will be no such thing as parental rights, and all of our children will be just a product of the state.  As Mike Parrott says, “hold on to your children, don’t let them in.” Parents, especially fathers stand up for your family, and your home. Learn how on this episode of Parrott Talk. 

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