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Parrott Talk PREVIEW- Mike Johnson Is Not Winston Churchill.

micMike Parrotttoday04/22/2024 6

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    Parrott Talk PREVIEW- Mike Johnson Is Not Winston Churchill. Mike Parrott

The Speaker of the House is not Winston Churchill.  The United States is not at war with the Russians and Hamas is not invading our country.  However, our government continues to send money and weapons to Ukraine and Israel.  Representatives like Speaker Mike Johnson says if we do not aid these countries, then we will have to send our military to deal with these problems.  Speaker Mike Johnson also refereed to himself as a “war time speaker.”  Mike Parrott says, Mike Johnson is not Winston Churchill.  Mike breaks down the events of the weekend.  He reveals why Johnson supports both the Ukraine and Israel. He reveal why the Speaker believes it is the duty of every Christian to defend Israel, and he answers this question, “why should Americans pay for the defense of foreign countries?”  Tune into Parrott Talk, and learn why the Speaker of the House is no Winston Churchill. 


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