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Parrott Talk PREVIEW- Tucker Carlson Breaks The Internet…Again

micMike Churchtoday02/21/2024 8

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    Parrott Talk PREVIEW- Tucker Carlson Breaks The Internet...Again Mike Church

Tucker Carlson has a habit of breaking the internet.  This is due to the interviews he lands, and the fact the people are tired of the mainstream media.  One might even dare to say that Fox News did Tucker a favor by firing him.  However, if their intention was to silence Tucker, they failed miserably.  Here’s how Tucker broke the internet again.  Since his Putin interview, Tucker revealed how the internet and Google were created by the CIA and he revealed that Boris Johnson is so terrified of the reporter that the only way he will give Tucker an interview is if Tucker gives Boris a million dollars.  Mike Parrott breaks down the mystique that surrounds Tucker.  He reveals how Tucker’s interviews are unlike anything the main stream media would air.  Mike also reveals who he would give a million dollars to for an interview.  Learn this and more on this episode of Parrott Talk

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