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Parrott Talk-The Modern Day Treatise On Divorce

micMike Parrotttoday04/19/2024 7

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    Parrott Talk-The Modern Day Treatise On Divorce Mike Parrott

Mike Parrott found a modern day “treatise” on divorce while scrolling through TwiXer. This “influencer” revealed everything that will happen to “you” when “you” go through a divorce.  The tidbits of knowledge she included were, “you will lose some friends. and people will talk about you.” The influencer’s treatise on divorce was several threads long, and Mike Parrott will break down this modern day treatise.  The influencer also included a video on her own divorce saga, and Mike provides the audio for you to hear.  Mike gives his take on today’s idea of divorce and to find out which part of this modern day treatise divorce Mike agrees with,  then listen to this episode of Parrott Talk.

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