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The Mike Church Show-Muricah Meet The New Bronx Bomber!

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    The Mike Church Show-Muricah Meet The New Bronx Bomber! Mike Church


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Unified Reich Hoax

  • Donald Trump ad the he retweeted or reposted – has become the topic of MSM.
  • The person that made it was NOT part of the Trump campaign.
  • Someone simply used a paid for background of Vintage Newspaper.
  • That vintage newspaper template had ‘unified reich’ typed in the headlines.
  • This may be the greatest hoax and lie of all time.
  • A guy named Rob Schmitt from Newsmax did all the research on this.
  • Give him FULL credit here.
  • He wanted to know exactly where the ‘unified reich’ was in that ad.
  • This is how fearful they are of us.
  • They pulled this out of obscurity. 
  • They are afraid of you because you have conviction.
  • Fan Trailer – 
  • A fan produces an ad for his favorite candidate and he puts it out on Truth Social and tag Trump in it.
  • Trump from the courtroom reposts it to his account.
  • There is nothing objectionable in it, content wise.
  • But because the left is so intent on comparing Trump to Hitler they went frame by frame, blew it up and saw the ‘unified reich’ text. 
  • So where did this vintage newspaper come from?
  • It is a template that ANYONE could purchase for vintage footage in a video.
  • An AI bot scans this video and catches the word ‘reich’.
  • That is the only way it was spotted.
  • Name your MSM network, they ALL ran w/ the story that the Trump ad had REICH in it.
  • Then they of course compare Trump to Hitler. 
  • Let me get to the punch line.
  • The newspaper that had the word reich in it is from 1871.
  • I must have missed where there was a Hitler style reich at that time.
  • This is a criminal enterprise here.
  • REICH in German is kingdom or realm or empire.
  • It isn’t a bad word.
     Louisiana    Abortion Pill
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2
  Celebrate Humility Month – Founders Tradin’ Post



Newsmax – Rob Schmitt

  • They were a startup news company.
  • It isn’t part of the Big 3.
  • It doesn’t have affiliates all over like NBC, ABC etc.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Newsmax Rob Schmitt – Unified Reich HoaxThe MSM said Trump was echoing the Germans from the Hitler era. Everyone herd this story from the MSM. Most if you noticed never showed the actual ad.  This is 50 years before anyone was even talking about the German Reich. This is just a VINTAGE NEWS template!

  • Getty Images, Shutterstock, Dreamstime – they all sell what we call clip art.
  • He pulled newspapers that looked cool and created this ad.
  • There was NOTHING wrong w/ what this guy did.
  • So we must ask ourselves, why did the MSM ‘journalists’ run w/ this story w/o clarifying?
  • This isn’t just an outrage machine it is a hoax machine. 
  • Watch the movie 1984 w/ John Hurt – sitting at the desk w/ the tube inside the bank to outside, you know the plastic tube system –  he gets a headline of what actually happened and what he is supposed to do w/ it and that is to change it. 


Donald Trump in the Bronx

  • Ronald Reagan – visited the Bronx, he told them government can’t fix this. Carter made a promise that couldn’t be completed.
  • QUESTION: So why did Trump go to the Bronx?
  • ANSWER: Because he’s not supposed to.
  • The people that are running the Bronx, they don’t want it fixed!
  • People like Governor Hochul called them all CLOWNS.
  • Those are residents of NY and she is supposed to represent them, all of them.
  • This was brilliantly executed. 
  • I am a stooge for success and wherever he goes, success follows.
  • No matter where he goes, the followers come out to support him.
  • The behind the scenes planning, security, the law and order aspect…what does planning suggest?
  • I just think his business mind is so on point and this shows at his rallies.
  • You know what kind of rage the enemy is feeling right now? 
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  George Westinghouse 

  • Back in the day he had an interest in this new media.
  • Remember back in the day radio was King!
  • He didn’t buy radio stations, he built them.
  • Usually 50watts.
  • To let everyone know they were HIS radio stations he started them w/ W.
  • The Jesuit order started one and named it WWL.
  • That is NOT a Westinghouse station. 


















AUDIO/VIDEO: New York Governor Kathy Hochul on Trump RallyI tell you it won’t make a difference at all Jake. Donald Trump bringing all his clowns to a place like the Bronx. NY will never ever support Donald Trump for president. We know him better than anyone. This state will go solidly behind Joe Biden like it has in the past. While he is doing this Joe Biden is making sure he is delivering for the American people. 

  • If Donald Trump is all for himself, why does he hire so many people?
  • Maggie and I have been to the Trump winery.
  • I can tell you firsthand what it is like and it is different than any other winery out there.
  • The people that work for him LOVE him.
  • He employed over 10,000 people in YOUR state Hochul!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Queens Man David Rhem – Trump Bronx Rally – I went to the same school as Donald Trump and my father passed away. Fred Trump, Donald’s father came to my door and told my mom that HE would take care of all my school tuition. This family is a good family and I love Donald Trump. 

  • This is what the Guilds did back in the day.
  • Trump’s father took it upon himself to pay for the private education of all these kids b/c their father died.
  • You will know by mid day today if this guy was a plant or if this was a real story.
  • The way things are in 2024 I want to see more of this Fred Trump guy.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Savannah Hernandez – South Bronx Trump Rally – I’ve been conducting interviews w/ residents of the Bronx that didn’t even know Trump was rallying in Crotona Park today. Many are shocked he’s here.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Savannah Hernadez – South Bronx Trump RallyRandom interviews w/ people that wandered over to Crotona Park to see Trump and were shocked at the diversity and where happy to get the VIP treatment of having a president campaign there.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Black Woman at Trump Bronx Rally  

Reporter – What would you say to those that say you aren’t black if you vote for Trump?

Black Voter – Then I guess I identify as a white man b/c I am a mom and i care about the future of my children. I vote policies over rhetoric.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Black Woman at Trump Bronx RallyWe must take our country back. Look at this diverse crowd. What ties us together is love of country. I’m a dependent of slaves. My father was a drill instructor. This is a beautiful and great country, we must vote for America.

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Blexit Activist Madeline Brame – Trump Bronx RallyWe have the illegals flooding our borders, coming into our neighborhoods sucking up resources what little resources we have. You go out there and vote up and down the line. Get rid of AOC, vote her ass out. She said Trump bused and paid us to be here. You are here b/c you know this is the time in history, you are in the right place at the right time and you need to be here. 

  • She was fired up, preach it sister!
  • How did the Bronx become the BRONX?
  • The Bronx was named after Jonas Bronck ( c. 1600–1643), a European settler whose precise origins are disputed. Documents indicate he was a Swedish-born immigrant from Komstad, Norra Ljunga parish, in Småland, Sweden, who arrived in New Netherland during the spring of 1639. 
  • When writing with quill pens, people would often abbreviate words, so “Bronck’s River” became “Voted Bronx” and eventually “the Bronx River” in 1895.
1h53m AUDIO/VIDEO: Reverend Ruben Diaz – Trump Bronx RallyMr President I want to join you in having the Bronx Great Again. Please accept this Democrat, this black Puerto Rican, please accept my endorsement for YOU as the president. 

  • If Trump repeats Lee Zeldins performance, Biden loses.
  • Hockul only got 52% and Zeldin got 47%.
  • This will be massive, a massive defeat for Dems in NY.
  • It seems of late that Mayor Eric Adams is having some ‘buyers remorse’ for allowing so many illegals into his once great city.
  • Trump said he would work w/ Hochul and Adams to make NY Great Again.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Bronx Rally – City in Decline – We have drug encampments, we have psychos pushing people on the train tracks. But don’t worry, it will get better. Together we are going to make New York City great again and simultaneously we are going to Make America Great Again.

  Robert F Kennedy Jr

  • They are turning their petition in on Thursday.
  • They want to be on the ballot in New York.
  • To win the state of NY is a winner take all state.
  • You don’t have to have 50% +1, you have to have the MOST votes.
  • Lee Zeldin was a big MAGA guy.
  • He polled and finished w/ 48%.
  • All Trump has to do is repeat that.
  • If RFK Jr is on that ballot, Trump wins.


3 Way Election in New York

  • The Biden Regime has to know what I know so that means they will probably employ the Dems to bring holy hell war onto RFK Jr to keep him OFF the ballot.
  • Donald Trump polled 8% of black voters in 2020, now he is polling at 23% in the black communities. 


AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Bronx Rally – Fake Tapper – They asked me to do a debate on CNN w/ Fake Tapper. They asked if I wanted a table for a sit-down debate. No we can stand, if Joe makes it through this debate they will say he did great. 

  • Have you ever been around someone that has dementia? 
  • It doesn’t get better it only gets worse.
  • It is obvious that Joe isn’t all there.
  • This is elder abuse.

Richard Barrett

Host of the Barrett Brief

Follow Richard on X – @ElArmedCatholic

  • We need to pray for Biden b/c folks he is about to face his ultimate judgement any day now.
  • He is so frail, he is being ushered by his handlers.
  • He needs to come back to the faith and repent before his end which if you look at him is very near.
  • Having these rallies it has allowed people to love Trump to show him support.
  • When Trump goes to the bodega and everyone was shouting his name, he is making his presence known, you don’t have to convict me on peer pressure.
  • You have the go ahead to like me now.
  • He is brilliant.
  • The jury is tired, they are bored and then you have Cohen say he stole money from Trump. 
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6
  UN Court Orders Israel To Stop Gaza Attacks

  • I did a Church Doctrine w/ Laurie Calhoun yesterday.
  • I only spoke w/ her briefly about Israel/Palestine topic.
  • There was destruction in 2014. 
2h49m BACK to Special Guest RICHARD BARRETT

AUDIO/VIDEO: Trump Lawyer Alina Habba – Judge MerchanHe had Steve Bannon’s case, he had Allen Weisselber’s case…somehow he randomly also gets Donald Trump. That’s not the way the system works. It’s time to wrap this case up and throw it out if this Judge wants to salvage his career and credibility. 

  • Court TV and Crime TV have been terrible for the court system as we call it the Conviction System.
  • You can see sometimes cops put blinders on and innocent people do in fact get sent to prison.
  • Coming Up This Weekend: Lesbians running the WNBA are mad that people are actually watching b/c this white girl is now playing. Shooting in a home attackers where from Chechnya. 
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