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The Mike Church Show PREVIEW-Elon Musk Is Right, The Cult Of Death Pushes For Holocaust

micMike Churchtoday05/15/2024 10

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    The Mike Church Show PREVIEW-Elon Musk Is Right, The Cult Of Death Pushes For Holocaust Mike Church

AUDIO/VIDEO: Aaron Rogers w/ Tucker Carlson – Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

  • What did E Michael Jones say when he was on this very show?
  • This is a Mossad blackmail scheme.
  • This is how they keep the world elites under control.
  • If you want someone in a powerful position to do something they shouldn’t do, how do you compel them to do it?
  • Example – Speaker Mike Johnson, how do you compel him to do what he has been doing which has been talked about as highly opposite of what he was doing PRIOR to his speakership?
  • Do you think your member of Congress doesn’t realize this country is about to jump off a debt cliff?
  • You can’t have all that knowledge they have and NOT know this.
  • There is nothing Aaron said in this interview that you haven’t heard here already.
  • What is to me the interesting component now is it is being popularized.
  • The point is why is all of this now coming out into the public?
  • Why does it seem our law makers are so crazy?
  • They can’t all be that dumb.
  • They can’t all have the same script and all stick to it this well w/o an entity blackmailing them.
  • The only reasonable explanation is there is a coercion factor.
  • They can’t all be this stupid.
  • So are we saying that the TV series Blacklist is reality?
  • Always follow the money.
  • The world is watching us and laughing.

Kingdom of the Planet of Apes

  • The actors or ‘stars’ of this movie basically make a case for apes to take over the world.
  • That they would do a better job of protecting the planet than we do.
  • Elon Musk X The true battle is: Extinctionists who want a holocaust for all of humanity. 
  • — Versus —
  • Expansionists who want to reach the stars and Understand the Universe.

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