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The Mike Church Show PREVIEW-Honey I Shrunk The Economy!

micMike Churchtoday05/14/2024 3

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    The Mike Church Show PREVIEW-Honey I Shrunk The Economy! Mike Church

HEADLINE: Walmart slashes hundreds of jobs and tells remote workers to get back to the office in latest cost-cutting move after announcing 65% of its stores will be automated by the end of 2026 by Perkin Amalaraj

  • I don’t want to be an unpaid employee of Walmart.
  • I want you to pay to hire people that will check my groceries out.
  • Have you ever seen a kid hanging out in front of a grocery store waiting to help older women pack their groceries into their cars?
  • The news comes after the US’ largest employer announced it would be laying off 2,000 warehouse employees who pack online orders, and would be working to have 65% of its stores automated by 2026. 
  • About 55% of packages that it processes through its fulfillment centers will be moved through automated facilities by January 2026, improving unit cost averages by about 20 percent, the company said.
  • So automate everything but who ultimately loses?
  • A HUMAN!
  • Walmart, which employed approximately 2.1 million associates as of January 2024, also closed three of its tech offices last year, and ask many of its staff to relocate to central corporate hubs. 
  • Last month,  it announced it would cut all 51 of the health clinics it has built in the last five years, as it attempted to build a bigger healthcare business. 
  • In order to stay in business you have to keep your manufacturing in China these days.

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