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The Mike Church Show PREVIEW-Our Ruling Elites Are The Synthesis Of All Tyrannies

micMike Churchtoday06/06/2024 6

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    The Mike Church Show PREVIEW-Our Ruling Elites Are The Synthesis Of All Tyrannies Mike Church

HEADLINE: The aristocrats who martyred Trump America’s elites aren’t as smart as they imagine by Martin Gurri

  • When Hillary Clinton, from sheer paranoia, set up her own private server to conduct business as secretary of state, the FBI naturally took an interest. I worked for many years in a classified environment. If I had done anything similar, I’d be writing this from my austere prison cell. But Clinton wasn’t me. She belonged to a different class. The FBI rapped her knuckles gently, called her out as a bad example, but refused to prosecute. 
  • When Joe Biden mishandled classified documents in an apparently egregious manner, he attracted the attention of a special prosecutor. The ensuing investigation proved without a doubt that Biden had violated the law. If I had done the same thing, and stashed government secrets in my garage near my trusty Rav4, I would never see the light of day again. But again, I’m not Biden. He belongs to a special class. The prosecutor’s report admitted Biden’s guilt but refused to prosecute because the president of the United States, leader of the free world, was too old and dotty to be held accountable.
  • Then there’s Trump. The New York State district attorney, Alvin Bragg, is a Democrat with powerful political motives to bring down the likely Republican nominee. That should be a scandal but, in the ethical muddle of our age, it seemingly isn’t. The actual charges concocted by Bragg against Trump I leave for the legal experts to parse. None of them rose to the level of Clinton’s server or Biden’s garage sale of secrets. But Trump is the monster that haunts the nightmares of the privileged class. He must be prosecuted in multiple times and places, convicted, fined hundreds of millions, imprisoned, annihilated, pulverised.
  • The whole process stinks of desperation. If the progressive elites who run the Biden administration felt confident they could defeat Trump at the polls, we would hear Homeric laughter ringing from the White House and its pet organs in the news media. But Biden is terribly unpopular, even among his base. America’s elites fear and mistrust the American voter. They have lost faith in democracy, a system that in 2016 delivered the power of the presidency to the monstrous Trump, and they dream of a rising class of Platonic guardians, people exactly like themselves, with the right pedigree, the right opinions, the right manners, who rule not because they have won an electoral lottery but in perpetuity, as a reward for their superior virtue.
  • Don’t we want to share our ‘Democracy’ with the whole world?
  • It isn’t working here so why are we exporting it?
  • You have a class of people here that have determined for themselves that they are what this country needs.
  • They are so virtuous and smart they should rule over us.
  • They all have the pedigree, they all have the diplomas from the swanky universities and therefore have been born into the position of elite ruling class.
  • You may have a small say locally.
  • You may be able to stop things from being done locally.
  • So what do we want our government to do for us?
  • Arrest bad people and put them in prisons and keep them there.
  • Everything Henry, Mason and all said would happen has come to pass.
  • Let me remind you of something…

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