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The Mike Church Show PREVIEW-The FBI Framed Trump

micMike Churchtoday05/09/2024 3

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    The Mike Church Show PREVIEW-The FBI Framed Trump Mike Church

HEADLINE: Did Federal Agencies Plant Classified Documents To Frame Trump? by Joy Pullmann

  • When these photos came out from Mar-a-Lago, did you think or feel like the images were staged?
  • Come to find out those photos were staged. 
  • The FBI made it look like that.
  • Recent court disclosures give two indications that federal employees could have planted the classified documents used to mire Trump and several aides into a sprawling investigation and an election-interfering court case. The first is the explosive evidence revealed Friday: For 11 months, the special counsel’s office hid that it misplaced some — we don’t know how many or which — of the same allegedly classified documents it claims Trump criminally possessed at Mar-a-Lago.
  • How come Bill Clinton got away with sending his henchman into the Archives?
  • The Clintons sent someone there w/ the intention to steal documents.
  • Embarrassing documents that were going to shame Hillary Clinton.
  • They still don’t know what documents Obama took.
  • The filing also says the FBI “generally” inserted the “handwritten sheets,” indicating there were exceptions to its use of placeholders to indicate the allegedly original locations of allegedly classified documents Trump allegedly criminally possessed. In a footnote, the special counsel writes that this situation is “inconsistent with what Government counsel previously understood and represented to the Court.” In other words, the special counsel has been lying to the court, the public, and the Trump legal team this whole time about the evidence grounding its entire case.
  • You know what aught to happen here?
  • I must say, I don’t want there to be another Federal election.
  • I am currently being hounded by the IRS and I don’t want anything to do with them.
  • How many times have we heard about cops setting people up?

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