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The Mike Church Show PREVIEW- Trump’s Eviction Plan For The Biden Invasion Force

micMike Churchtoday06/10/2024 6

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    The Mike Church Show PREVIEW- Trump's Eviction Plan For The Biden Invasion Force Mike Church

Donald Trump in Las Vegas Nevada

  • He was only 10 minutes late, the crowd was there 3 hours early just to get in.
  • The line of people waiting was as long as the illegal lines of people trying to get into the US.
  • Even if he is re-elected, lets pretend for a moment the cabal allows all votes to be counted and he wins, what are the chances he will be successful in evicting the illegals that have come across under Biden?
  • Serious question.
  • We all know how difficult it is to find them once they get here.
  • If someone doesn’t want to be found, will they actually be found?
  • 630,000 were flown by Treason Air and that took 9 months.
  • If you had to fly them all out, reversing Treason Air is 160 months.
  • Houston we have a problem.

Dr Phil Interviewed Trump – 

  • He showed the map to Trump of the CCP buying up ‘farm land’.
  • Just looking at the amount of property should be alarming but when you add the layer of our Military bases on top, you find all this ‘farm land’ is very close to our major military bases.
  • Why are they purchasing that land in particular?
  • He asked Trump this question and he didn’t really give him an answer.

HEADLINE: Chinese Companies Keep Buying U.S. Land Near Military Bases by Robbie Gramer 

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