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The Mike Church Show PREVIEW-We’re Not In Kansas Anymore! Kansas Governor Goes Full Trans-Insane

micMike Churchtoday04/16/2024 6

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    The Mike Church Show PREVIEW-We’re Not In Kansas Anymore! Kansas Governor Goes Full Trans-Insane Mike Church

HEADLINE: Kansas Republicans ‘Stand Ready’ To Override Veto Of Bill Banning Trans Experiments On Kids by Jordan Boyd 

  • Republicans in Kansas “stand ready” to override their governor after she vetoed legislation that would have prohibited taxpayer-funded transgender experimentation on children and given those harmed by the radical practice a civil cause for action.
  • Kelly claimed the mutilative and sterilizing procedures, which often cause harrowinglife-threatening consequences to minors, amount to “medical care” that shouldn’t be subject to interference from the state. Yet the growing number of children who undergo social or physical “transitions,” such as adopting false pronouns, cutting off their healthy breasts or genitalia, or taking sterilizing drugs, suffer irreversible damage to their bodies and minds.
  • I will say again, these women that are in positions of power are ruining this country.
  • So why is the Governor of Kansas vetoing this?

HEADLINE: Mom to soon learn if she is legally allowed to ‘chemically castrate’ 11-year-old son in California against Texas father’s wishes by The Post Millennial 

  • We constantly consume our youth.
  • We murder them in the womb, we mutilate them when they get out of the womb.
  • There are no protections for children in this world.
  • Anne Georgulas is petitioning the courts to let her use puberty blockers on her 11-year-old son despite opposition from Jeff Younger, the boy’s father. The couple is divorced and the mother claims that the boy identifies as a girl. In 2022, the Texas Supreme Court ruled against the father who was seeking to prevent the castration.  
  • A pro forma hearing is scheduled for this upcoming April 25, where transgender “experts” are slated to appear, but the boy’s father will reportedly not be allowed to testify against the procedure.   
  • Again, why are we allowing this to happen to our children?
  • Younger told the outlet, “My case is proof that the statutory design of the Texas Family Courts is abusive of the liberty of Texas citizens. The family courts are a clear and present danger to the welfare of Texas children.”   

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