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The Mike Church Show PREVIEW-Who Killed The Constitution?! Schumer And The Senate’s Death Cult

micMike Churchtoday04/18/2024 4

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    The Mike Church Show PREVIEW-Who Killed The Constitution?! Schumer And The Senate’s Death Cult Mike Church

Impeachment Clause

  • I’m not surprised by what I read this morning b/c I have read it before.
  • Show of hands does anyone give a rats furry behind about any of this?
  • When the men that we call Founding Fathers were ratifying the Constitution…
  • I don’t think there are any men in this country that could do what these men did back then.
  • Constitution Convention 
  • After James Madison’s notes were published, it was in his will you could take the Federalist Papers that he wrote and all his notes, he said publish them but be prudent about it.
  • When Hamilton died he left a note that upon his death, in his library he had a book w/ many volumes, he left a little note in another book that he thought his wife would find, but what else was in there was his notes he took.
  • So we have all this evidence and stuff.
  • So you can’t say ‘we have no idea what the Founders thought at that time’ because they left behind ample notes and ledgers on what they truly thought.
  • The Federal Convention – they all took notes as they were putting together the Constitution.
  • Madison took great notes using what we call shorthand now.
  • The Impeachment Clause – 
  • A tragic thing happened on the way to this, Senator Schumer decided he didn’t want to have a trial for Mayorkas Impeachment.
  • He created a new clause stating that the Impeachment power, the Senate must agree w/ the findings before a trial can be held.
  • This is so egregious. 
  • This Biden and his gang flipping off the average American.
  • So basically Mayorkas got acquitted yesterday.
  • No trial, no witnesses, no documents….NOTHING!
  • Dereliction of Duty 
  • For anyone to say the House didn’t do XYZ, that is incorrect.
  • This was SO bad, Mitch McConnell stood up against his friend Schumer on this.
  • This is the most egregious by far in my opinion. 
  • The only thing left to do here is to bust this thing up!
  • No on disagreed w/ the charges brought up against Trump.
  • How will they survive a challenge in states that are overrun by illegals?
  • This does grave damage to any remaining good will that people may have had to OUR Congress.
  • It begins w/ WE THE PEOPLE.
  • I think as the hour goes on, I will walk you through the historical record on how this Impeachment Clause came about.
  • STRAIGHT from our Founding Fathers.

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