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The Mike Church Show-Sacrilege! Biden Signs Himself While Promoting Abortion!

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    The Mike Church Show-Sacrilege! Biden Signs Himself While Promoting Abortion! Mike Church



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11m Joe Biden in Florida

  • This is basically his abortion tour.
  • The only thing he can run on is abortion.
  • Everything else he has touched has turned to crap.
  • He can only run on killing more babies.
  • Remember back when Bubba Clinton was running with his ‘Safe, Legal and Rare’ campaign for abortion?
  • What happened to safe, legal and rare?
  • Now it is on demand at any stage of formation.
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26m Leader Mitch McConnell

  • He has basically lost his mind.

It is our policy now to either:

  1. Fund, arm, equip NATO to kill Russians
  2. We will draft your American sons and daughters to fight and kill Russians
  • Wounded Warriors
  • We see adds all the time on TV about donating to help those brave Americans that have been injured in our forever wars.
  • Why are we still doing this to our youth?
  • Why isn’t our government taking care of these people they put in harms way?
  • Why are these ads running 24/7 on Fox News?
  • Why can’t we seek peace?
  • We, the American taxpayer have already provided for their training, their uniforms, their equipment…we didn’t send them to get their legs and arms blown off.
  • It isn’t supposed to be this way!
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2
40m Protests on College Campuses

  • What is the one thing they all have in common?
  • It can’t be critical thinking skills.
  • We can’t be the most racist, the most homophobic, the most transphobic, most climate change denying…we simply can’t be ALL of these things.
  • What if you were to discover they were simply upset at their mature betters that won’t say ‘stop the killing’? 
  • What is driving most of them?
  • Are they truly pro-Hamas?
  • Do you think they really know what Hamas is?
  • Do they even know where Hamas is located on a map?
  • Do they know where their “home base” is?
  • Are they just protesting for the sake of protesting w/ their friends?
  • Are they protesting because it plays well on their social media pages?
  • Are they protesting for LIKES?
48m Joe Biden in Florida

  • Joe and Corn Pop, after fighting off the canibals w/ spears he said this…

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Tampa FloridaHow many times does Trump have to prove WE can’t be trusted?

  • One must ask, why is Joe campaigning in Florida?
  • Do they really think they can win Florida?

HEADLINE: Biden, 81, suffers ANOTHER embarrassing gaffe as his attempt to brand Trump untrustworthy spectacularly backfires at Florida rally by Stephen M Lepore


AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Tampa Florida – Roe v Wade – Look folks now he is worried people will hold him accountable for overturning Roe v Wade. He is worried he will be held accountable fo the cruelty and chaos he created. Folks, the bad news for Trump is we ARE going to hold him accountable. 

  • So to Joe basic healthcare for women is abortion and only abortion.


Bird Flu Found In Pasteurized Milk

HEADLINE: Bird Flu Found in Commercial Milk: FDA by Amie Dahnke 

  • Based on available information, pasteurization is likely to inactivate the virus, however the process is not expected to remove the presence of viral particles. Therefore, some of the samples collected have indicated the presence of HPAI using quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) testing.
  • While samples tested positive, that does not mean they contain an intact pathogen, according to the FDA.
  • The agency is injecting samples into fertilized chicken eggs to see whether any active virus replicates, among other experiments. It is also completing testing on samples taken from pasteurized milk from across the nation.
  • So what is a qPCR?
  • Quantitative PCR – also called real-time PCR, it is a PCR-based technique that couples amplification of a target DNA sequence w/ quantification of the concentration of that DNA species in the reaction.
  • Am I the only sync in the crowd?
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  My Dinner With Andre – Clip 
1h15m Town Line New York Fire Department – 

Their patch has a Confederate flag on it!

Jeremiah “Jasper” Thompson X: You might think that The Last Town in the Confederacy would be in Tennessee or Missouri or some dusty forgotten western corner of Texas, and you’d be… Wrong. Town Line, New York, a little hamlet outside of Buffalo in Erie County has the dubious distinction of rejoining the Union after an invitation from Harry S. Truman—yes, you read that right— in 1945. According to the October 7, 1945 Buffalo Courier Express, President Truman wrote a playfully worded letter to the residents of Town Line suggesting that they vote to rejoin the Union.

Red Pill Beaner on X – The irony is this is lawful. The constitution doesn’t list a way to legally exit the union as there is no need to have one. As the Constitution is a trust document and citizens are the beneficiaries beneficiaries can leave the trust whenever they so see fit.

  • BINGO you two!
  • You can also call it a COMPACT!
  • What is the nature of a Compact?
  • Constitution – what something is made of right?
  • What it is composed of.
  • The Conch Republic in Florida
  • The Founding – The Conch Republic was born on April 23, 1982, in response to a United States Border Patrol Blockade of the Florida Keys. Since the United States insisted on treating the Keys like a foreign country, Mayor Dennis Wardlow seceded from the Union. Today we stand proudly as a community of who have “Sovereign State Of Mind” and as the “People who seceded where others have failed”.
  • Read more about the Founding of the Conch Republic here.
  • Article VII 
  • Did you know Utah’s application to the Union was denied several times?
  • Utah’s territorial government unsuccessfully applied for statehood 6 times before the Constitutional Convention of 1895. To Congress, Utah was un-American for several reasons, including theocracy, economy, polygamy, and slavery.
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Andy Schetman 

Owner President of Miles Franklin Precious Metals

Follow him on Twitter – @ASchectman

  • A trillion seconds ago was 31,680 years ago. 
  • We are reaching the point of no return.
  • That doesn’t even include the big numbers.
  • What about Medicaid?
  • It is off the CHARTS right now.
  • Medicare Part B is 99.5 trillion.
  • Who is going to buy our debt?
  • People seem to not understand we have a fiscal policy that is so irrational and stupid, we gave $200 billion to Ukraine and we ARE BROKE!
  • At some point the rest of the world that has been stockpiling money and oil, they will say NO to the American dollar.
  • Janet Yellen threatens China if you give money to Russia we will sanction you.
  • But we do it all the time!
  • They are all going to say NUTS to the dollar very very soon.
  • You end up in a situation where it doesn’t work for the southern hemisphere. 
  • Confiscating your IRA and put it into Social Security – 
  • At that time it was $17 trillion in debt, that shows how fast the debt is growing.
  • They understand this, it would be a tool of emergency Patriotism.
  • If the world loses their appetite for Treasuries and Dollars, that would be a stop gap.
  • They said if this were to get severe, we would take everyones IRA’s and do a guaranteed return to these people but all done in the name of National Emergency.
  • No it never passed, but it scared me enough to cash out my IRA and pay a $60,000 penalty. 
  • Is there a president for this?
  • 1933 – Gold was confiscated 
  • Everyone owned Gold back then though, it was a very different time.
  • I could see them revalue the price of Gold again.
  • All of the Gold is held in an account called the Gold Revaluation Account.
  • I don’t 
  • Congress set a DATE CERTAIN to return back to the Gold Standard?!
  • Could it be done?
  • The Bank of International Settlement – only other Tier 1 Asset
  • They won’t say it is worth lower, they will say it is much much higher.
  • 1971 – Convertible currency
  • Take 20% of every new currency and tack it to Gold.
  • The tether holding it down is the 20% attached to Gold.
  • When you piss in the punch bowl enough, people won’t ever drink in it again.
  • The biggest most secure bank, why would they reclassify Gold as the only other Tier 1?
  • There is big things in the works for Gold and this proves it.
  • Mark Bass – he invested in GLD, the prospectus was nefarious. 
  • Read pages 6-12 entitled RISK FACTORS – you will sell them immediately if you read those pages.
  • The little guy like us can never take possession of what is in the GLD.
  • Gold and Silver – there is no counter party risk in them.
  • He wanted the actual metal, and it was billions at the time.
  • We can help people do any of that from IRA’s to 401k’s and we can even help you with GLD’s.
  • To get our price list we hold close to the vest, any questions you heard here send me an email and I’ll get it to you.
  • You can also email us and we will send you the price list and the discount for all your listeners.
  • Your listeners will get the Red Carpet!
  • I have bought Gold or Silver every 2 weeks and your listeners should consider this as well.
  • Okay did that interview make you feel a little bit better now?
  • It should have.
  • We aren’t all screwed!


Catholics For Trump 

  • Why wasn’t The King Dude invited to that event?
  • He has been doing other things but Roger Stone was very impressive and knows what I know.
  • Mike Parrott didn’t get an invite.
  • Richard Barrett didn’t get an invite and he is THE Armed Catholic.
  • There are barriers in everything, even in the Catholic circle.
  • I’m going to go off message here – 
  • Candace Owens – Parrott has a Tweet about it, asking Michael Matt about inviting Candace Owen to the Catholic Identity Conference?
  • She just became Catholic and is now all of the sudden the Key Note speaker at this Catholic event?
  • It is called Ticket Sales – 
  • Now we need to be honest as we are Catholics and we are supposed to be honest. 
  • When you anoint a new Catholic as the poster child for the movement, you have to be very very careful with doing that.
  • There have always been little clicks in the Catholic circle and we know that.
  • From time to time you feel like the little dog down the street that the little dogs always piss on or take your chew toy just when you got comfy.
  • I never got the whole Candace Owen thing, I hope she becomes the best Catholic homeschooling mom on the planet!
  • I don’t care if she doesn’t do another podcast/show for the rest of her life. 
  • We just have to be careful pushing these ‘new’ Catholics too fast.
  • There seems to be nothing in this modern world that we can’t monetize. 
2h28m AUDIO/VIDEO: Leader Mitch McConnell on Senate Floor – Troops In Ukraine – Failure to help Ukraine stand against Russian aggression now means inviting escalation against our closest treaty allies and trading partners. It means greater risk that American forces would become involved in conflict. More costly deployments of our military.

  • What about our own borders?
  • Again, when did we declare war on Russia?
  • Why can’t we have an option 3?
  • You know, demand these guys talk peace?
  • Why do Americans have to have resolve on this?
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6


AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Tampa Florida – Roe v Wade – Look folks now he is worried people will hold him accountable for overturning Roe v Wade. He is worried he will be held accountable fo the cruelty and chaos he created. Folks, the bad news for Trump is we ARE going to hold him accountable. 

  • This violence, this abominable act against God’s creation, is evil.
  • It isn’t the babies fault.
  • God chose to give this human a soul at conception. 
  • Animus! It’s what animates the physical world.
  • Material Soul vs Spiritual Soul
  • Where is the pro-life movement on this?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Tampa Florida – Abortion – There are millions of women who are enduring unbearable pain and cruelty because of Donald Trump. Sadly it is pain and cruelty that many women face. But as I said, it isn’t inevitable, we can stop it…when you vote.

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