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The Mike Church Show-The Green-Crockett Spat Proves Butker’s Point!

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    The Mike Church Show-The Green-Crockett Spat Proves Butker’s Point! Mike Church


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10m We Are Back Folks!

  • We left on Thursday thinking the Fat Alvin case would be over and wrapping up the prosecution on the Friday we were out in North Carolina.
  • Everyone gets that reference right?
  • The Cosby Kids
  • What are they accusing Trump of now?
  • This case has so screwed up the news cycle lately, it is hard to find interesting news for this 3 hour show.
17m Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene v Rep Jasmine Crockett

  • She had a valid question before the cat fight ensued. 
  • The question of the Judges daughter still is a valid question by Marjorie Taylor Greene.
  • This is a scandal and a money laundering scheme in plain sight and no one seems to have the fortitude to discuss it.
  • I applaud her for bringing it up there.
  • This was a spectacle for Congress.
  • Who remembers the Sassy Cat meme?
  • This is the reason why women shouldn’t be in positions of power in government.
  • There should be some consideration whether or not emotional, irrational women should be entering voting booths.
  • They think emotionally and irrationally and not objectively.
  • This is not to say there are men that are any better out there.
  • If there were REAL men that interaction wouldn’t have happened.
  • If there were REAL men that interaction would have been stopped dead in its tracks.
  • That display was a script right out of a soap opera.
  • Guiding Light is the longest-running soap opera in history, having aired on radio from 1937 to 1956 and on television from 1952 to 2009.
  Golfer Scottie Scheffler 

HEADLINE: Scottie Scheffler’s arraignment date for arrest at PGA Championship delayed by Scott Thompson 

1110 WBT – morning show

  • They came on w/ a message service for listeners.
  • The caller said, Scottie Scheffler was arrested.
  • There was a tragedy that happened and a vendor was run over by shuttle bus. 
  • Scheffler in a huff drives away and the detective throws himself on the car.
  • Scheffler was immediately asked to exit his vehicle and put in handcuffs. He was then taken to the police station and booked. Wearing an orange jumpsuit, Scheffler was charged with second-degree assault of a police officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving and disregarding signals from an officer directing traffic.
  HEADLINE: Biden to Morehouse Graduates: America Hates You by The Editorial Board 
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2














HEADLINE: Biden to Morehouse Graduates: America Hates You by The Editorial Board 

  • Remember the movie Sand Lot?
  • My favorite line in the movie is “Why didn’t you just come knock on the door and ask me?”
  • Most peoples favorite is “You’re killin’ me Smalls!” 
  • The MSM and left thinks they can revive the Old Man, the Big Guy but he is too far gone.
  • Even when the old man has all the questions, he still has issues.
  • If Biden doens’t fall asleep or fall he is going to win b/c he is so incompetent. 
  • He just isn’t likable though. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Commencement Speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta GeorgiaToday in Georgia they won’t allow water to be available to you while you wait in line to vote in an election. What the hell is that all about? 

  • This has been debunked already by the way but that didn’t stop the Big Guy from repeating the lie.
  • So now voting is a white persons ploy to get black people to die of thirst?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Ronald Reagan Commencement Address 1981 University of Notre Dame 

  • Take the Big Guys commencement vs Ronald Reagan’s commencement speech.
  • I just want to focus in on something here.
  • I am not knocking Morehouse here, Reagan accepted this invitation after he was nearly mortally wounded by John Warnock Hinckley Jr.  
  • I want to circle back now to the topic of the top of the hour.
  • Compare and contrast what Harrison Butker did at Benedictine College and what happened w/ Jasmine Crockett and Marjorie Taylor Greene.
  • Wives are the best at running the home and the economy of the home.
  • You have Cat Fight 1.0 in this committee hearing, to me the nuttiest part about it is we suck so bad at managing our own affairs.
  • This isn’t a bash America thing but the whole thing starts over fake eyelashes.
  • We can tell Israel and Iran what to do w/ their countries but look at what we have here as our rulers.
  • We can’t even have a civilized debate or conversation. 
  • My estimation Congress was out of control when they were discussing steroids w/ baseball but now you have Transgender drugs for kids and NOTHING.
  • Make it mandatory that schools give sterilizing hormones to boys and girls?
  • You think a Congress that is populated w/ over a 1/3 of women that argue like this over eyelashes can accomplish what needs to be done with this country?
  • Go take a look at the debt clock and tell me if any of them are smart enough to rule.
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1h23m Charlotte North Carolina 

Ali and Matt Dees Wedding 

  • No it was not a Catholic wedding but it was a joyous occasion. 
  • Camp North End – 
  • Mostly Hipsters and Homos, but the concept is really nice.
  • Here is what I thought was interesting, 
  • Plaza Midwood – free concert w/ street vendors and beer and wine, very family friendly. 
  • STARK contrast to what was at Camp North End.
  • God was visible there.
  • The Godless place of Camp North End was sterile. 
  • I’m all for the diversity and all but if you are going to pick one, the good true and beautiful was Plaza Midwood.
  • I do applaud the effort to revitalize the old train station, you still need some beauty and family there.
  • There was a used book store at Camp North End and I found a gem.
  • Dracula – paperback book for $5.
  • So we visited two very different places in Charlotte.
  • Both were nice and well planned out.
  • Both were good in their own respect.
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1h37m Dracula Book by Bram Stoker

  • I don’t get a chance to read a lot of fiction so this was a nice break.
  • KV Turley planted this seed in my head.
  • Are these legends all fiction?
  • The First kill in the book – they eat this child that was abducted in the local village.
  • These are young fair maidens that the Count has abducted from the village and deprived them of ever becoming mothers and wives.
  • Instead of having children they EAT THEM!
  • We are surrounded by vampires today.
  • Marxist Sodomite Vampires!
  • Francis Ford Coppola is very close to the book.
  • How is Lucy kept alive?
  • She is kept alive by vibrant young men.
1h45m AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene w/ Rep Jasmine Crockett 

  • If someone called someone else ‘bleach blonde, bad butch built would that be stricken from the record?
  • Why is anyone in a Judiciary committee talking like this?
  • Fake eyelashes, bad butch built…who talks like this?
  • Could you imagine our Founding Fathers talking like this?
  • Remember Calhoun clubbed someone upside the head with his cane?
  • This is why Butker said what he said during his commencement speech.
  • Women are emotional creatures.
  • This is why they are so suited for homemaker.
  • They are at their best when they are serving their families needs.
  • You remember back in the day when it was a hour 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Jasmine Crockett on State of the Union CNN w/ Jake Tapper MAGA has historically done things like she is black w/ lashes and nails so she is ghetto. This was her amplifying that for the MAGA crowd so yes she did this to be racist towards me. 

  • Where is the LGBTQ people to call Jasmine homophobic.
  • That butch comment is homophobic is it not?
  • If she claims fake eyelashes and nails is racist, then using butch is homophobic.
  • What is homophobic at this point?
  Celebrate Humility Month

HEADLINE: Target becomes latest company to suffer backlash for LGBTQ+ support, pulls some Pride month clothing by Anne D’Innocenzio 

  • Target said that customers knocked down Pride displays at some stores, angrily approached workers and posted threatening videos on social media from inside the stores.
  • Target declined to specify Wednesday which items it was removing but among the ones that garnered the most attention were “tuck friendly” women’s swimsuits that allow trans women who have not had gender-affirming operations to conceal their private parts.
2h14m HEADLINE: ICC Prosecutor Requests Arrest Warrants for Netanyahu, Hamas Leaders by Mason Letteeau Stallings 

  • Karim Khan, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, announced on Monday that he is seeking arrest warrants for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, as well as for Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza strip.
  • If Netanyahu is guilty of war crimes, and it is the personal humble opinion that he is, would we as the United States be guilty as well?
  • We have been sending money to Israel.
  • Just War Theory 
  • Don’t go to war unless it is necessary for your survival.
  • Having said that, what about Hamas?
  • There are European countries that will go along with this.
  • On the other hand they shower money to Zelensky.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: President of Human Rights Campaign Kelley RobinsonThis is something that people can be excited about. We have identified 75 million equality voters across this country that prioritize LGBTQ! issues when deciding what to vote for – 75 million. That’s equivalent to the number of total voters in all the swing states combined. So our job, what we’re seeking to do through the We Show Up campaign is to turn them out to the polls. We are giving $15 million to Biden to sway swing state ‘equality voters’. 
2h24m BREAKING IN WITH – Donald Trump Outside of the Courthouse

  • Everybody loves the underdog.
  • He is fighting for 300 million people.
  • This is a witch-hunt and the average American knows it.
  • There are people in NYC, including even now Mayor Adams, that are privately talking at parties about how disastrous this is for the city of New York.
  • If this wasn’t disastrous Mayor Eric Adams would be out there every single day backing up Alvin Bragg but that isn’t happening.
  • Why is that?
  • Big business people are saying if they rule against Trump, they will never spend another dime in NYC.
  • That would singlehandedly ruin the city.
  • You don’t think the 1/2 million people that already left NY left the city in good terms.
  • The city is still trying to get over that loss.
  • The city is too big.
  • The people in upstate NY should have it’s own state.
  • They should break it up into pieces or smaller states.
  • What is the downside to doing that?
  • Manhattan Island would get its own 2 US Senators.
  • Long Island would get 2 US Senators.
  • Upstate NY would get 2 US Senators.
  • EACH would get their own Governors.
  • There is already a push for Upstate NY to become “New Amsterdam”. 
  • Heck Staten Island should break off too.
  • I can see the political advantage to doing this so why can’t everyone else?
  • Louisiana should be a minimum of 4.
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6
  Iranian President Plane Crash

HEADLINE: Iranian President, Foreign Minister Killed in Helicopter Crash by Aldgra Fredly

  • Why is everyone so hoping for WWIII?
  • This will not make you richer.
  • War never helps. 




HEADLINE: Mall by Mall, America’s Interior Is Wasting Away by Peter Tonguette

  • The only thing that is growing these days is Amazon.
  • The big retail chains are just being replaced by Amazon distribution centers.
  • I think the mom & pop already took the clobbering they were going to take.
  • Walmart did all the damage it is going to do.
  • What is the utility of the mom & pop store?
  • Mom & Pop is the charm!
  • We are shipping today, we can’t ship same day all the time b/c we have one person that does the store and that is Maggie.
  • But we make it a point to ship as soon as possible.
  • When you make a purchase w/ us, you are helping a small business.
  • We also have all sorts of merchandise from OTHER small business owners.

HEADLINE: Real-Estate Downsizing Finally Comes for Your Pharmacy by Kate King 

  • QUESTION: What is the number one claim to businesses closing in big cities?
  • ANSWER: Shoplifting. 
  • People are looking for regional chains these days and farmers markets.
  • Locally sourced produce – there is a counter revolution going on out there. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden at Campaign Event w/ NAACPWhen I was Vice President, things were kinda bad during the pandemic and Barack told me to go to Detroit and fix it.

HEADLINE: Biden bizarrely suggests he was VP during pandemic in latest blunder by Isabel Keane 

2h55m AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr Peter McCullough on AutismAutism was 1 in 10,000 when I was a kid, now it’s 1 in 36. The rise in Autism appears to be associated w/ the expanding childhood vaccine schedule. In 1960 kids got 3 shots, today a child faces 108 shots. At one of the visits b/w age 1-2 there’s 13 shots administered all together in children. And it’s been well demonstrated that if a child gets sick w/ a big round of shots, and they have seizures, there’s about a 40% chance that the brain is injured and they develop Autism. 

  • It has been discovered, this is not a generality and does not apply to everyone, certain levels of the Autism spectrum can be mitigated by diet.
  HEADLINE: ‘Quiet On Set’ Exposes How Pornography Inspired Abuse Of Nickelodeon Child Actors by Patrina Mosley 

  • Overall the parallels between eyewitness testimonies and the current research on the harms of pornography cannot be ignored. 
  • Pornography has been scientifically proven to change users’ brains and adversely affect their attitudes and behaviors toward women, children, sex, and relationships. With nearly 92 percent of men and 60 percent of women willing to say they consume pornography, we have to take a strong look at how this illicit content is contributing to the lack of safety children have with adults and females have with males.
  • Some things are obscene and should be illegal. 
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