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The Mike Church Show-Trump Crushes Deranged Haley In South Carolina

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    The Mike Church Show-Trump Crushes Deranged Haley In South Carolina Mike Church

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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GOP Primaries

South Carolina – 

  • Headlines read “Trump lost 40% of Republican votes”.
  • Yeah but he WON 60% so there’s that.

Michigan Primary – 

Jennifer Granholm – US Secretary of Energy 

  • Michigan even re-elected Whitmer AFTER COVID, after she tried to kill everyone in the state.
  • Michigan is also an agriculture state.
  • Republicans should win all agriculture states.
  • If you throw Philedlephia out, PA is crimson red.
  • You through Flint and Detroit out and MI is crimson red.
  • So what can we conclude from that?
  • The big cities seem to be the problem in each state.
  Fani Willis 

HEADLINE: Nathan Wade Visited Fani Willis’s Condo at Least 35 Times in 2021–Twice Overnight, According to Cellphone Data by Debra Heine 

  • Some of you may be asking why is this such a big deal?
  • When you are filing a case against, your RICO case against Trump, one of the disclosures was that Fulton County DA office, stated that there were no relations w/ the sources or witnesses. 
  • Dr Death series when the journalist was sleeping w/ the source or subject of her article.
  • Prosecutor Nathan Wade made at least 35 visits to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s condo in 2021 before the she hired him to lead Georgia’s 2020 election interference prosecution against former President Trump, according to cellphone data filed in court on Friday.
  • Willis and Wade also called each other more than 2,000 times and exchanged nearly 12,000 text messages in the first 11 months of 2021, defense investigator Charles Mittelstadt said in an affidavit submitted to the court on Friday.
  HEADLINE: Exclusive — Dark Trump at CPAC: “Biden’s fast track to hell” by Mike Allen 

HEADLINE: Media Blackout Over Illegal Immigrant Who Murdered GA Student by Blue Apples 

  Dr Marian Horvat 

Lenten Mission on Our Lady of Good Success 

  • There was someone there that prevented the Priest from entering the room.

George Washington – Death Bed Conversion 

  • Here is the interesting thing – when Mother Mary appears to sister, she gives her a list of prophecies. 
  • They call this stash of prophecies the ‘Big Book’. 
  • One of the prophecies had to do w/ a Priest. 
46m AUDIO/VIDEO: Politico Reporter Heidi Przybyla on Christians vs Christian NationalistThe thing that unites them as Christian nationalist – not Christians, by the way, b/c Christian nationalist is very different – is that they believe that our rights as Americans, as all human beings, don’t come from any earthly authority. They don’t come from Congress, they don’t come from the Supreme Court. They come from God.

  • Where does authority come from?
  • She states that there are very distinct differences but she can’t explain what they are.
  • Our rights don’t come from Congress or SCOTUS.
  • They do come from God.
  Dark Justice 

New York Supreme Court 

HEADLINE: With 5 women on the same bench, New York judges make history by Cheryl Wills 

55m HEADLINE: Bishop Robert Barron rebukes reporter for conflating God-given rights with Christian nationalism by Jon Brown 
  HEADLINE: Exclusive — Dark Trump at CPAC: “Biden’s fast track to hell” by Mike Allen 

  • If you don’t chose me the world will end.
  • Why does this matter?
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  Back to the Politico reporters statement – 

Heidi Przybyła on Christian Nationalist – 

  • If it kinda like a fear of your father.
  • You don’t want to disappoint or anger dad.
  • This is obviously something that is naturally programed into us.
  HEADLINE: Philip Bellini Death, New Orleans LA, Director of Religious Education Has Passed Away


FLASHBACK: President Bill Clinton State of the Union 1995 on ImmigrationWe are a nation of immigrants but we are a nation of laws. We must do more to stop it.

  • That is a Democrat president knowing he has a Republican held Congress.
  • This was the beginning of Welfare as we know it.
  • By 1999 the Federal government of the United States – by 2000 had a surplus.
  • QUESTION: What was the beginning of the thing that undid all of this?
  • ANSWER: The Iraq War
  • When you put things into historical context and then the result you begin to understand.
  • Remember the big Y2K scare?
  • None of that happened, it was unnecessary b/c the real war started.
  • There is no such thing as perfect.
1h23m AUDIO/VIDEO: Benjamin Netanyahu on Face the Nation – Hamas War Goals – I’ve set 3 goals. Release the hostages, destroy Hamas and to ensure they don’t pose a threat in the future. We can’t leave a quarter of Hamas left, they will reconstitute themselves immediately. Unless we have total victory, we can’t have peace.

  • Total War and Total Victory
  • Total War didn’t come around until the 1860’s.
  • Christian Kings didn’t fight total wars.
  • They didn’t wage war on the civilians just the military of the other King.
  • Shermans March to the Sea – He burned, destroyed, raped and pillaged everything in their way.
  • They would save the farm animals b/c they killed them to feed themselves. 
  • The Gatling Gun – invented in 1861 by Richard Jordan Gatling.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump at CPAC on Joe Biden I told people if Joe was elected we would have open borders and massive crime, I was right about all of that so believe me when I tell you this….If crooked Joe Biden and his thugs win in 2024, the worst is yet to come.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump at CPAC on a Vote for TrumpA vote for Trump is your ticket back to freedom. It’s your passport out of tyranny and it’s your only escape from Joe Biden and his gangs’ fast track to hell.

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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump calls on Alabama to protect IVF treatment 

HEADLINE: Fearmongering About Alabama Supreme Court Embryo Ruling Obscures Truth About Reproductive Tech by Jordan Boyd 


Mahgdalen Rose Political Correspondent 

Follow Mahgdalen on Twitter – @MahgdalenRose

  • IVF Alabama Ruling – 
  • If you just read the headlines, you can take away that this hurts couples that only want to have a baby.
  • This is the fault of the pro-lifers.
  • This isn’t Donald Trumps fault.
  • Something will come out of the convention as part of the platform.
  • I think they will go with up to 16 weeks is acceptable.
  • It is ridiculous, we know the stages of development of a human baby.
  • He also wouldn’t define a woman right away.
  • There is a problem w/ his social conservatism. 
  • He campaigned on ‘I will get Judges in SCOTUS that will remove or appeal Roe v Wade’. 
  • I would rather him say “I’d appoint pro-life Judges” and move on.
  • He needs to just say, “I don’t support 3rd trimester abortions.”
  • I think abortion will be the biggest issue among young women more importantly.
  • The pro-live movement even in the Conservative party has NO COHESIVE statement on abortion.
  • That is a major problem for abortion.
  • This will all come down to abortion.
  • I think whoever is running the Trump campaign believe this too.
  • National Campaign issue – 
  • We aren’t providing solutions to anyone that is young and dealing w/ unexpected pregnancy.
  • You can’t have the shaming and then nothing in place. 
  • Haley is at 17% and Trump is over 69%.
  • I can’t imagine he would do that.
  • Michigan 2/27 then Idaho then Missouri and then last Super Tuesday AL, AR, CO, MA, OK, TN, TV, VT, VA.
  • Is she just saying hey (Nikki Haley) – I’ll just wait until Super Tuesday that isn’t that far away?
2h16m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump at CPAC on January 6th ‘hostages’There’s never been in the history of our country a group of people treated the way they’ve been treated.

  • January 6th hostages – we have the gaul and audacity to call Putin a terrible Dictator?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt Gaetz at CPAC on UkraineWe’ve heard a lot about Alexei Navalny’s death recently. It’s tragic, you should be allowed to oppose the ruling party in your country w/o risk of poison, prison or death. But I would remind everyone though, especially the journalist in the back, that Ukraine’s Zelensky imprisoned an American journalist who then died in prison, Gonzalo Lira. 

QUESTION: You know who else has political prisoners?

ANSWER: The United States

  • We have political prisoners, tons of them.
  • The January 6th hostages as they are now called.
  • Where is Julian Assange? 
  • He is somewhere under lock and key STILL!
  • We are the only country that can do things like that!
  HEADLINE: Zelenskiy says 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed since Russia invaded by Reuters 

  • Zelensky is a liar!
  • There are well over 400,000 Ukrainians have died.
  • The Ukrainians are drafting women b/c there aren’t anymore young military aged men left.
  • That is what is happening there, sad but true.
2h25m HEADLINE: Media Blackout Over Illegal Immigrant Who Murdered GA Student by Blue Apples  

  • The media establishment has all but entirely blacked out the murder Laken Riley, a 22-year old nursing student in Georgia. The lack of coverage about her murder is ostensibly because she was killed by an illegal immigrant who was able to enter the country due to the Biden administration’s open-border policy. 
  • University of Georgia Police Chief Jeff Clark stated, 26 year-old Venezuelan national Jose Antonio Ibarra had been arrested in connection with Riley’s murder.
  • Folks if you have never been to Athens Georgia, it is small town Georgia.
  • Downtown is like most old school downtowns in other states.
  • The suburban area is just that, very suburban. 
  • This isn’t a big murder area.  
  • Let’s go back to 2016, then candidate Trump was saying that there were rapers, robbers, murderers and all manner of thugs.
  • He was going around w/ the Angel Families.
  • Those are the families of people murdered by illegal immigrants.
  • Let’s apply Ann Coulter rule here – if a Nazi skinhead had killed a person of color, it would be all over the MSM would it not?


HEADLINE: Nathan Wade Visited Fani Willis’s Condo at Least 35 Times in 2021–Twice Overnight, According to Cellphone Data by Debra Heine 

  • Do what the left does, they flip everything.
  • If any of you have watched ID network or crime shows, you know that cellphone data can get you the electric chair.
  • They can even tell if you phone is upside down in your pocket or sideways in your purse.
  • Mr Wade and Ms Willis both stated under oath, he never stayed over night.
  • Cellphone records show otherwise. 
  • Text messages will also get you convicted.
  • You should always think about what you text to people. 
  • You never want to digitally transmit something that might convince a cop you murdered someone. 
  • Mr Wade said something about less than 10 times he came by the condo.
  • “If Willis and Wade were a couple before she hired him it raises the prospect that she may have violated at least the spirit of anti-nepotism rules, though Fulton’s policy specifically focuses on family members. More importantly, both Willis and Wade have testified under oath that the relationship began in 2022. If defense attorneys can prove that they lied under oath it could constitute perjury.”
  • This is Churchs’ maximum 81 – even if Democrats lose they don’t actually lose.
  • Here is when you will know if these two are going to go down – when they get the deck of cards and deal from the bottom – If they play the race card, you will know they are beaten.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Gavin Newsom on Meet the Press  Biden’s Age – It’s because of his age that he’s been so successful. So the opportunity to express that for 4 more years? What a gift it is for the American people.
2h54m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump at CPAC on Gavin NewsomIn a certain way I hope he runs b/c he has destroyed California. He was on Sean Hannity talking about how great they are doing. You can only use 40 gallons of water, they sent out notifications. They only have to sign one piece of paper. The natural veins..the water pours down and they send the water out into the Pacific. 

  • They pumped out into the Pacific Ocean, 17 trillion gallons of water.
  • That is all because of Gov Gavin Newsom.
  • If you want to see stupid on display, study California.
  • Steven Greenhut – Saving California 
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