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The Mike Church Show-Trump To Libertarians “Come With Me, If You Want To Win!”

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    The Mike Church Show-Trump To Libertarians “Come With Me, If You Want To Win!” Mike Church


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17m HEADLINE: Trump braces for final act of his historic criminal trial by Stephen Collinson 

  • The final arguments will go ahead following an unusual weeklong break in the trial that occurred since Merchan wanted to avoid final arguments and jury instruction being interrupted by the Memorial Day holiday. The time off only seems to have escalated Trump’s fury as one of the defining weeks of his life dawns.
  • This Judge allowing the jury to go home for the holiday weekend is really unheard of.
  • When the verdict does come, we will have that LIVE for you of course.
  • The closing arguments will start today at 9:30am in New York.
  • The Defense in NY will close first.
  • So we should have some audio come from Donald Trump after today or during a break.
  Free Press Debate on Immigration

Ann Coulter and Cenk Uygur – Immigration

  Memorial Day

Where Our Sleeping Loves Lie

  • It isn’t a holiday where you just get off work.
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2












Donald Trump at the Libertarian Convention

  • Who goes in a convention they aren’t apart of and tells them to join him?
  • That would be Donald Trump.
  • It makes complete end total marketing sense to invite him to speak.
  • Why?
  • He sucks the air out of the room.
  • Now it is one thing to be invited to speak but it is another to recruit voters to your ‘team’.
  • In 2020 who did the Libertarian party nominate?
  • I actually had to look it up b/c no one really pays attention to them.
  • In 2020 they had Vermin Supreme, remember him?
  • He is the guy that wore a rubber boot on his head.
  • Would you vote for Trump as a Libertarian or Republican candidate?
  • They booed him when he said they should all vote for him.
  • He just said..yeah well then you will just keep losing.
  • Governor George E Pataki – 53rd Governor of New York from 1995 to 2006
  • If Donald Trump can win 48% in New York, well I honestly think 45% is the actual number but if can do that w/ Robert Kennedy Jr on the ballot to pull some from Joe Biden, Trump will WIN New York.
  • Libertarians aren’t Republicans folks.

ESSAY – Libertarians: The Chirping Sectaries by Russell Kirk  

  • Kennedy puts up 5-10% in New York if he is on the ballot.
  • So if Trump takes 48%, which Lee Zeldin had, he will win.
  • It is a numbers game people.
  • Trump is playing in areas that Democrats and Biden are not.
  • Looks like they learned something from the last election.
  Pete Buttigieg 

  • He literally looks like the kid in my high school we would call a sissy.
  • EV Charging stations.
  • American taxpayers spent $7.5 billion for EV charging stations.
  • How many do you think Little Pete built?
  • 7
  • Not 7,000 not 700,000 but 7.


Gaza and Israel

  • Is the IDF still bombing the snot out of the Gaza Strip?
  • There is a serious disconnect out there.
  • We have become desensitized to all manner of slaughtering and killing.
  • What is to blame?
  • Some say it is video games.
  • Some say it is drugs.
  • Could it be the decline of people attending Church?
  • The number of people that believe in God?
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1h11m AUDIO/VIDEO: Pete Buttigieg on Face the Nation – EV Charging Stations – 

Reporter  Only 7 or 8 charging stations have been produced w/ the $7.5 billion investment that tax payers have paid back in 2021. 

Pete Buttigieg – Our goal here is to have 500,000 charging stations by 2030. 

  • So let’s compare the US government to Tesla.
  • Elon Musk w/ Tesla has built over 50,000 EV charging stations and it costs them $1.1 billion.
  • So how can Elon built them for so much cheaper?
  • Try and charge your EV at a government run public charging station.
  • It takes a MINIMUM of 13 hours if your car is at 30%.
  • So why didn’t the Biden Regime just hire Tesla to install them?
  • Tesla had already done the R&D (research and development) so why not use their information to save time and money?


North Carolina Major League Soccer

  • We got a luxury vehicle for the Uber ride home.
  • It was a Tesla.
  • You know the self driving feature?
  • Once you get in you start to inquire how this actually works.
  • You get an impression of how this technology works.
  • Especially in an Urban area where there are people and dogs and stuff.
  • I don’t think if you watched Apollo 13 the instrument cluster wasn’t this complicated.
  • The Tesla has so many operating systems.
1h23m Donald Trump 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump at Libertarian National ConventionThe Libertarian party should join me, you should vote for Donald Tump. Only if you want to win. Keep getting your 3% every year. The reason for doing so is politics is as solid as the Hope Diamond. 

  • Trump stood his ground among all them booing him.
  • Can you imagine Joe Biden doing that?
  • No he would have gotten angry and called them all Dog Faced Pony Soldiers!
  • He told them to their faces, if you want to win vote for me.
  • Why did they boo him?
  • Why did they invite him to their convention to begin with?
  • So even the Libertarians know no one will watch their convention unless they invite Donald Trump!
  • They watched him stand in the breech!
  • He takes on fire, he doesn’t look for cover.
  • He doesn’t backdown or back track.
  • He stands his ground.
  • What would have happened if they would have nominated Trump that night?
  • Can you only run on one parties ticket?
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PRIDE Parade in Mandeville LA

  • This is Steve Scalise district.
  • This is NOT a liberal parish.
  • We are number 1 in the United States in Christian Conservative.
  • If they can infiltrate our town council they can infiltrate anywhere.
  • Mitter Chur please!
  • Ross McKnight has organized a commander of the New Vendee.
  • He was organizing men to pray a rosary of reparation against this parade.
  • So something happened yesterday at Mass that I’d like to tell you all about.
  • When people that have a public footprint, remember now, these people at the Chapel rely on me to give them the announcements on all things happening w/ our community.
  • It made me think about my position with all of this. 
  • It would seem to me I would need the permission from the congregation to attend this rosary of reparation.
  • If I go, I put a target on the back of the chapel and I had not considered that.
  • I have to separate here – 
  • If your goal is to make an act of reparation for an obscenity in your community, there is a way to do that w/o confronting that in public.
  • You attend Mass, and have Holy Hours w/ adoration and veneration.
  • We always tend to think WE have to do everything.
  • We should believe that God has this.
  • What do we go out there and do?
  • Cause chaos?
  • Shouldn’t we just know that God will take care of this?
  • Do we think so highly of ourselves that WE have the power to stop them?
  • Do we not believe in the power of prayer?
  • If we truly believe in the power of prayer and God shouldn’t we simply pray and fast and leave it up to Him?



  • 2017 we participated in an on air, online contest w/ Tom Woods.
  • He was going to buy them a NEW CAR and we won the contest.
  • So we stole that idea and decided to do what we call a Golden Truth Ticket.
  • Next Monday June 1st we will start the new contest.
  • We will be giving away a KIA Sportage this year.
  • You can even PAY IT FORWARD like we always do.
  • You just buy a ticket for them and it will go straight to them.
1h57m AUDIO/VIDEO: Dasha Burns on MSNBC – Trump Bronx Rally – A lot of the people I talked to were born and raised in the Bronx. They agree w/ him on his immigration policies b/c most of them are immigrants themselves. They did it the right way and they are upset these new group of immigrants are stiffening off their resources. 

  • The old school immigrants don’t want to pay for these new immigrants that don’t have to assimilate.
  • These pocketbook issues are the main issue with voters.
  • These people don’t care if Trump is called a racist.
  • They see what he does and that is all they care about.
  • Has it helped anyone that is poor?
  • Has it helped anyone in the long run?
  • Has it fixed anything?
  • I am not a victim b/c of racism.
  • I am a victim of the Democrats policies. 
  Golden Truth Ticket

  • Your odds of winning will never be better at winning a new car.
  • A 1-1,000 chance is your maximum odds.
  • We won’t sell anymore than 1,000 tickets.
2h12m AUDIO/VIDEO: Steve Bannon on the Conservative Party in the United States

  • He is right and we have discussed this many times before on this show.
  • Why are the people they were lionizing women that were showing up at school board meetings?
  • Where were all the men?
  • What does he mean when he says the ‘clubs’?
  • Is he referring to the DC clubs?
  • Things that happen where you are, where you have the greatest chance to do something.
  • How did the Northshore Queer infiltrate and get a permit here in Mayberry Louisiana?
  • We have all the evidence we need to go to this council meeting and oppose this.
  • When the vote was to be taken, that is where we should have made the commotion. 
  • They don’t sleep on things like this.
  • We are out here living our own lives, raising children and working we don’t have time for this kind of advocacy. 
  • It is up to us to make time to stop all of this…before it gets to parades.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Mexico Is Deporting AmericansUndocumented Americans who are looking for lower cost of living in Mexico are driving up inflation in the country. Mexico has deported over 240,000 migrants in Mexico this year.

  • Is it really that bad here that Americans are moving to Mexico?
  • I just want to talk about this specifically for a second.
  • I drove through your fair city 12 days ago, Georgia.
  • An area North of Atlanta called Norcross GA.

HEADLINE: Being white, and a minority, in Georgia by Annie Linskey  

8:33am cst SEGMENT 6





  • If we can’t even be bothered w/ procreating our own civilization, we don’t deserve to be here.
  • Getting your womb on the right side of the Rio Grande?
  • To allow this to continue is even worse than its original implementation.
  • We are not open for business w/ the 3rd world.
  • If you don’t want to preserve your OWN culture, what’s the point?

HEADLINE: Being white, and a minority, in Georgia by Annie Linskey  

  • If you aren’t willing to defend your own community, you deserve to lose it.
  • This is our land, this is where our community has been.
  • You don’t get to come here and take over our towns w/ and assist from our government.
  • This is what happens when you abandon a culture.
  • If you recall our Ivan Bassone our South Africans, he told us about shooting 3 people that tried to enter into his home.
  • So how can you have any type of ‘community’ when neither side can speak to each other?
  • There seems to be a lot of Santa Muerte with these people too.



AUDIO/VIDEO: US Fleet Forces Command Commander Admiral Daryl Caudle  Non-citizens Attempting to Infiltrate Military Bases – We are stopping these folks at the gate. We get 2-3x per week, I’m a student and they want to see the ships etc. They have passports but they are not authorized to be on our base. 

  • They are TESTING the defenses of infiltrating a US Military base.
  • What might one find on a military bas in the US?
  • They are obviously testing and using drones too to see what is on these bases.
  • These illegals are being sent there to see how difficult it will be to breech the gate.
  • We should have a self interest here.
  • What happens when you have 11 million illegals in your country and they decide to band together and take your country for their own?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Montage of NYU 2024 Graduating Class giving their names and degrees they just received. 

  • What is ‘Queering and Decolonizing Theater Practice’? 
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